Magical Forecast: Sept. 2016

Timing magic spells can be a little tricky sometimes. Here’s a little head’s up about the magical timing potential for next month.

*Please keep in mind that exact days/times of astrological conditions vary depending on what part of the world you’re looking in. Check a good moon sign source for specific times of astrological changes.


Mercury Retrograde

How can such a little planet pack such a powerful punch when it changes course?

Yeesh; I wish I had better news, but next month isn’t ideal timing for much. Since Mercury is in Retrograde (MRx) until nearly the end of the month, you might want to try and put off most magical endeavors until at least the 23rd of September.

I know that sucks, especially when you hoped to get some things initiated, but waiting may be for the best. When Mercury has gone retrograde, it tends to create unpredictable results with magic. Communication problems will often arise, and this can even affect a Witch communicating his intent to the universe, his Gods, or even his subconscious mind.

Mercury rules Virgo, and during this retrograde it’s in Virgo. Virgo relates to things like organization and information, so expect those area in particular to be effected.

MRx is especially a bad time for starting new projects, so if you MUST do magic for an emergency, try working on keeping things going that you’ve already started, or re-doing something you’re not satisfied with. If you need to reverse something, that’s also a better


Time to take a chill pill.

goal during retrograde. I would honestly stay away from magic in full-blown rituals. It’s better to stick to simple folk magic or kitchen Witchery if you need to keep things going along. It’s more direct, therefore less of a chance of your meaning getting muddled.

A better way to spend the month would be reflecting, recharging, reorganizing and reviewing. September 1st is the dark moon and there’s a solar eclipse. This dose of double darkness is a perfect time for going within, or just getting some much-needed rest.  You might find yourself having some crazy dreams during this time. Don’t read too much into them– remember, that tricky MRx loves to make communications go awry.

Starting on September 2nd, go through your magical cabinet and get rid of your old stock that’s grown stale or that’s lost its labels. Make a note on any supplies you might be low on and need to restock. Finish those partially done Book of Shadows pages. Study up, re-reading articles and books you’ve read previously to help them sink in better (remember, it’s not a good time to start on a whole new topic of study).

You could tackle the home or office during this period as well. Clear out the old papers, files and desk drawers, or do a little fall cleaning in preparation for the coming winter.

The full moon on September 16th isn’t changing anything; it’s still overshadowed by MRx, and there’s a lunar eclipse to boot. You can certainly do your esbat, but instead of magical workings just do a deep meditation. Keep it devotional keep it devotional.

For the next week, as the moon wanes, review your magical workings of the past and examine the results. Look back on your notes and studies and do a minor self-assessment before moving on to new workings in the coming months. Take baths for relaxation and cleansing away stress or negativity.

September 22nd — Happy Mabon! The Autumn Equinox (second harvest festival) is upon us! It is a good time for balance and reflection. I would stick to the meditations for today.

merOn September 23rd — praise Hermes! — Mercury goes direct. While still in its post Rx shadow we’re not completely out of the woods yet, but we can start shaking it off. You can take advantage of that shadow and the waning moon– if you need to cast any spells to get rid of something, decrease something or transition into something else, you can start doing that now.

Monday, September 26th is a pretty good time for transformations, considering Pluto goes direct as well that day and Leo is the moon sign– use the commanding, domineering energy of that Lion to push yourself through and out of that transitional period. Mondays are also good day for changes.

On September 30th, the moon goes back to sleep, and it’s in Libra. It’s a good day for peace and quiet. Clean off your altar and dust off your tools. Get some rest– while September 2016 might have been mostly a magical bust, October packs a LOT of promise this year.

Magical forecasts come this blog on the 4th Thursday of each month, so check back on Wednesday, September 28th for October’s magical forecast.

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Wicca, Then & Now

Comparing What It Was Like 20 Years Ago for me to Today

Wednesday’s Word Current Events Commentary (third Wednesday)


It’s Wicca, not Wicker! Wicca I say!

Then: When someone heard I was studying Wicca, they thought it

meant I was into basket weaving or rattan furniture building.

Now: When someone hears I am studying Wicca, most of the time they’ll be aware I mean a Pagan religion. And to boot, many will assume I’m either a teenage girl going through a rebellion phase, or a bored divorcee with too many cats (I’m middle aged, married and have a ONE pet– a dog. Hmpfh!).


Then: If I found three books on Wicca on a mainstream bookstore bookshelf at the same time, I was delighted and in awe of the huge selection. Bonus points if one of them wasn’t Silver RavenWolf’s To Ride a Silver Broomstick.

Now: Three words: Amazon dot com.

These days I’m just in awe if I can actually find an actual brick-and-mortar bookstore. If I can, they’re usually pretty well stocked in the New Age/Occult/’Other’ religion section.


Then: I went for about a year where if I had questions that couldn’t be answered by Scott Cunningham’s Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner or Raymond Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft, I was SOOL.

Now: If I have a question, I just have to hop on the internet, and dozens of Wiccans will come flying on their broomsticks out of cyber space. And not one will have the same answer.


Then: Finding another Wiccan then was like finding a pay phone now— I need to travel far and wide and have a sharp eye.

Now: Finding a Wiccan now is like finding a payphone then— I can spot them about every three blocks, and if I need a dozen or more I know where they’re grouped together.


Then: Joining a Wicca group was just not easy. Finding an operating coven or grove operating within reasonable distance of home required incredibly powerful magic in itself.

Now: And again… internet. Wow, the internet really played a big role in changing Wicca.


Then: Most Wiccans I ever met, once I started finding them, lived ‘in the broom closet’. People were scared to death of losing their jobs, kids, being disowned by family or being harassed.

Now: Many (not all still, but many) Wiccans live as completely open as those of other faiths. We show off our ‘Gimmie that Old-Time Religion’ bumper stickers and inform our bosses we need Halloween off for religious observances without much thought.


Then: Many Wiccans were afraid to share their religions with their children. If the kid slipped somewhere and mentioned a ‘Goddess’ or – Heaven forbid! – a ‘Horned God’, all hell could have broken loose.

Now: You go to big gatherings and you see so many different ages, including families with little ones. Some families haul multiple generations on over, and it’s a beautiful sight.


Then: My first athame was a gothic letter opener. I couldn’t find a shop. I was glad the couple of books emphasized making your own tools because frankly I didn’t know where else I could get them.

Now: I’ve come across altar supplies at Salvation Army thrift shops.


Then: Just about every Wiccan believed that Wicca was an ancient religion that went underground for years to escape Christian persecution, and that 9 to 13 million of us were burned during ‘the Burning Times.’ We were an angry bunch, screamed ‘NEVER AGAIN!’ a lot and accused Christians of stealing our holidays.

Now: most Wiccans realize our religion is a modern creation, and that zero Wiccans were burned during any Witch persecution, and that the evolution of holidays is a bit more complex that Christians ‘stealing’ them.


Then: A lot of Christians who barely knew anything about our religion thought we worshipped Satan.

Now: A lot of Christians who barely knew anything about our religion think we worship Satan.

Okay, so some things never change. Oh well!

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