Magical Forecast: November 2016

4th Wednesday of the Month: spell planning guide for next month

So here we are, and it is the splendid month of November, and it actually looks very good in terms of spell planning. In fact, it looks MUCH better than December will be, due to that pesky Mercury going retrograde again, so if you really need to get something done, you should not wait— jump on it in November.

Reminder: always check with your local moon calendar guides for exact timing and avoid planning your magic while the moon is void of course!

nmf1As the month opens we’ll be seeing the glorious waxing crescent in the sky. On Tuesday the 1st of November, draw from the strength of Mars and Jupiter; it is a good time to cast a spell for success in competitions or physical challenges. Spells at this time will give you a boost to help you get out of the gate running, so to speak. Alternatively, if you’re starting any new magical or metaphysical pursuits, you can give yourself a powerful boost here too with a spell for success.

If you need any career spells– new business ventures, new business openings, getting a job, getting a promotion, etc. — then Thursday, November 3 is the best possible day for it.  It’s a waxing moon on a Thursday in Capricorn, so you have the energy of Jupiter and Saturn behind the growing moon. This is good stuff for any ambitious career goals!

That Capricorn energy is carrying over all the way through Saturday, November 5th., a good day for casting spells if you need to exert controlling energies over someone. This is not a day for gentle manipulations or urgings; this is not a honey I need you to finish your chores kind of manipulation. This is more of a boss, I need you to stop sexually harassing me or bully, I need you to back off kind of manipulation. Whenever you’re attempting to exert influence over someone, you have to consider ethics; however, there are times when you have a right to  protect yourself or stand your ground. Use this magical timing wisely.

By the morning of Sunday, November 6th through Monday the 7th, all that harsh, aggressive energy of Saturn will be washed away by the Sun and Moon. The moon enters the sign of Aquarius, so these are good days for humanitarian causes. If there are problems in the world or in your community that sadden you, this is a great time to lend your positive energy towards a solution. On another note, it’s also a good time to solve any technology problems you might be having. Cast spells on glitchy computers or poor nmf2internet connection to try and give it a little boost.

Need to do some POTION BREWING? Plan a potion brewing night for Tuesday the 8th or Wednesday the 9th.

The FULL MOON falls on November 14, a Monday. The moon will be in Gemini. This is a perfect full moon for giving a boost to old magic. It’s not so good for starting new things– Gemini’s fickle energy will not provide for long-term success when it comes to new things. But it’s just perfect for re-charging magic that’s been fizzling: give a boost to a honey jar, your charm bag or Witch’s ladders.

Planning a wedding soon? Wednesday the 16th, when the moon enters Cancer and you’re still riding the tail of the Full Moon energy, this is a good day for spells to help it make things go smoothly. Note, this is not for magic to help the bride and groom’s relationship; I’m talking wedding planning spells– getting the venue you want, making a good deal with a baker, and other such wedding details.

However, if you do need to bust through some relationship obstacles, Friday the 18th of November is your best bet. Spells to break out of a rut, rekindle the flame, put problems to rest, etc. will be ideal for this waning moon in Leo. Channel your passion for your partner into resolving that which  might break you apart.

Struggling with fertility issues? Try to banish them on Friday, November 18th, when the moon is in Virgo and we enter the Sun sign of Sagittarius.

Wednesday, November 23rd is a very useful day, magically speaking, if you’re stuck in a bind– literally. Is there a contract you’re trying to break, a deal you’re trying to wiggle out of, some agreement from which you need release? The moon is in Libra and it’s a Wednesday during a waning moon– perfect to break the ties that bind. 


nmf3Here in America it is, anyway. Are you cooking, or bringing a dish? Then you need to consider doing some Thanksgiving magic for your holiday! All you  Kitchen Witches, check out my Hubs here:

Kitchen Witchery for Thanksgiving

Wishbone Magic for Thanksgiving


Powerful banishings for just about any serious problem are best performed on November 26. This is not for minor problems, but to blast through some major obstacles: addiction, disease, curse breaking, etc.

Finally, if you have some heavy-duty pathworking or divination work to do, November 28-30th, right over the new moon, is just what you are looking for.

That’s it for November 2016’s magical potential! So get out your spellbooks and do some planning– because, remember! By mid-December we’re going to be heading into that Mercury retrograde pre-shadow. While that doesn’t mean you can’t do magic at all, your options are going to be more limited.

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Christians Are Worried about Witches Trying to Rig the Election

3rd Wednesday: Current Events (issues from one Wiccan Witch’s perspective)

e-3In recent news, a group of Witches have come out to say that Witches are currently trying to exert mental powers on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in order to get him to quit the election. And, unsurprisingly, some people (particularly conservative fundamentalist Christians) are losing their ever-loving shit over this.

A representative of ‘The World Ad-Hoc Association of Witches’ told that they would be trying to put the idea of quitting the election into Donald Trump’s mind.

“We will cause no physical harm. We will simply hold up a mirror to him on the astral plane. As we watch the debate, tens of thousands of us will shout the idea of quitting into his mind,” said Peter Gower, according to Telegraph. “This is exactly what part of this extremely dangerous man’s mind wants anyway, and we intend to ensure that it happens.”

“It is possible he may announce during the debate itself that he’s quitting. But whatever happens, he will quit no more than 24 hours later,” Gower asserted.

I tend to stay away from discussing politics in my Wicca articles and blogs. It’s something I reserve more for private conversations, or perhaps a brief game of ‘devil’s advocate’ on message boards. But without delving too deeply into politics, I’d like to address why no one needs to lose sleep over this:

  1. Practically everyone else in the country, if not the world, is doing the same thing as the Ad-Hoc Association.

What the Ad-Hoc group is doing is no different than what millions of other people are doing: trying to project their will in the election. Look around at how passionate and how heated everything is in regard to the election– people are going nuts. Emotions are running high. Everyone has a preferred outcome in mind.

Thoughts and emotions are energy, and you don’t have to be a Witch to use them, even if you don’t intend to use them. Think about it this way—if you rub two dry sticks together, you might start a fire. Doesn’t matter whether that was your intention or not. Likewise, with Witchcraft; anyone can raise and send energy toward a goal. The only difference is that Witches do it intentionally (and with greater skill, if they are well-trained and experienced).

The Law of Mentalism is a Hermetic principle that teaches us everything, including magic, is mind. It is by this law that Witches attempt to achieve their magical goals. This is the basic principle behind what the Ad-Hoc group is trying to do; however, for every person that prays for Clinton to drop out over health concerns, or calls for her arrest, gets worked up over a third party taking the win, it levels the playing field.

  1. Witches have a right to do this.

You have a right to pray for your candidate to win the same way Witches have a right to cast spells for their candidate should win. We are guaranteed religious freedom as a Constitutional right. If you support the Constitution, suck it up and deal with it.


  1. Witches do not all share the same political opinion or agenda.

Yes, in much of the Western World, Witches tend to lean liberal, but assuming that means we all share the same hatred for Trump would be a gross inaccuracy. There are Witches who like Trump; there are Witches who hate Clinton; there are Witches voting for third parties; there are Witches who are apolitical.

This Ad-Hoc group is a minority within a minority. Don’t assume that just because they’ve revealed their intentions that all Witches of the world are following suit. We have our own minds. In fact, announcing their magical goals like that, they’re probably sabotaging themselves (consider the Witch’s Pyramid).


  1. It is a stupid thing to do when you think about it.

At least, it would be a stupid thing for Democrats or people who actually wanted Clinton to win.

No matter how much you hate Trump, there is a large chunk of the population who doesn’t get the warm fuzzies from Clinton, either. Clinton’s leaked emails even suggest that her campaign worked with the mainstream media to get Trump, one of what she called a ‘pied piper’ candidate, to win the Republican nomination. Her campaign wanted Trump to get the nomination because they knew she’d stand a better chance at beating him than most other establishment GOP candidates. And if anyone had doubts about just how unpopular Clinton is with voters, consider that even Trump has given her a pretty good run for her money.

The last thing Democrats who actually support Clinton would want right now is for Trump, possibly the only person in the world hated more than Clinton right now, to walk away and let the Republicans put another candidate in there.

Getting Trump to quit at this stage could mean the downfall of Clinton. Anyone who actually wants her to win should want Trump to see this through—for Pete’s sake, even the Libertarian candidate is beating him in some states.

  1. The statements were made before the October 4 debate.

It was for the second debate, held two weeks ago, that the group said they would force Trump to quit within 24 hours. Obviously, they failed.

I don’t know if they’re planning on doing this again, but see points 1 – 4 if you have any questions about that.

I don’t know about you guys, but I really cannot wait for this election to be over. I’d say ‘may the best candidate win,’ but hell, who am I kidding? If there is an ideal candidate, he or she isn’t running.


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Samhain and Halloween—Finding a Balance for Pagan Families


2nd Wednesday: Cottage Witch Corner (everything home, garden & family)

halloween, Samhain

Click photo to learn more about how Halloween & Samhain have tangled roots.

It’s not always easy being Pagan, especially around our holidays. It’s essentially the holiest night of the year, but while you would love your child to join you for a night of reverence and prayer, your kids would much rather dress up as Spiderman and Princess Leia to go trick-or-treating. I remember back in college, a lot of my professors would schedule midterms on October 31 if their class happened to fall on the date just so students would show up. Try explaining to your boss that you need off because you’re a Witch and it really is your holy day.

It can be frustrating trying to keep your Samhain at the same time as the popular secular American celebration come to be known as ‘Halloween.’ I remember before I became Wiccan, I had a long-standing tradition with friends to gather, order pizza, much on candy and marathon horror movies all night. I admit I miss the tradition and it wasn’t easy to just start opting out of it, however Samhain was far more important to me than Halloween. This is something I’ve kept up, even after getting married and having children.

On the other hand, in some ways it’s really great the way Halloween and Samhain overlap. For a lot of Pagans, it’s one of the few times per year when their religion at least feels mainstream. Sure, people celebrating Halloween are for the most part not recognizing the spiritual aspects of Samhain, but at least there are enough similarities to make the season feel more communal. This can be particularly meaningful to Pagan solitaries or families raising kids in places where they don’t know any other local Pagans. Seeing bats and ghosts hanging in windows all around the neighborhood and grinning jack-o-lanterns glowing on porch steps may make some Pagans feel a bit less isolated. At any rate, at least during Halloween you don’t have to worry about hiding your besom or cauldron.

Come on into my house and check out my Samhain/Halloween decor!

Having always been a HUGE Halloween lover since before I knew what a Wiccan was, I had mixed feelings. I loved the way Samhain, unlike so many other Pagan sabbats, was (seemingly) being recognized everywhere because of Halloween, but I must say I did miss my more secular festivities. Thankfully, it’s possible to pull off a celebration of both Halloween and Samhain, even with kids who still might be more taken in by the Halloween festivities than by dumb suppers* and meditations. Here are some things I found worked for our family.

Prioritize. It can be tempting to let secular Halloween activities overshadow religious Samhain activities. Remember what’s more important to you here—your faith, or your entertainment? I’m not saying you have to be a religious zealot, but if your spiritual beliefs are meaningful to you, if you truly value them, then they should be higher up the list than donning a rubber mask and OD’ing on candy corn.

You definitely want to make the spiritual aspect of Samhain the focus when the sabbat rolls around. Decide when you plan to celebrate, turn off the smartphones, the television, computers and video games. Explain to your kids why it’s such a solemn night and why anything you do as a family religiously is going to be more important than secular celebrations going on.

That said, be flexible. We always put on the sabbat feast and got things ready, then we would take a couple of hours out to take the kids trick-or-treating. We didn’t want them to miss out on that fun with their friends. We even allotted them time for the all-important post-trick-or-treating candy trade negotiations. We pushed dinner back to later than usual and held our ritual late in the night—no rush.

But once the lights went off, the candles were lit, and the offerings were ready for the altar, the secular Halloween stuff was set aside. It was Samhain now and we were going to pay the sabbat its due homage.


Pumpkin cup pies!

Make Samhain fun, too. Put on solemn music, light the candles, have a lovely family dinner that you cook together. Hold a ritual and make everyone part of it, design it to be meaningful to your family.  Throw some fun activities into the mix—perhaps looking through your grandmother’s scrapbook and telling stories about your family history, or do a seasonal enactment of your favorite myth. After all, there’s no reason a religious holiday has to be boring.

Make a night of it, if you can. We always try to take off for November 1st, if not for October 30 – November 1. It’s one of those things for which we’d save our vacation days. That way there was plenty of time to prepare, decorate, cook, throw in a little Halloween, have a big night of Samhain observance and sleep in the next day. We homeschooled, which made it easier to arrange our schooling schedule around our Pagan holidays; but even before we started homeschooling, I used to let my daughter take an absence on the 1st. If the teacher beefed about it, I told them it was for a religious observation. You legally have the right to do this if you’re Pagan.

This is how I like to get my Halloween on.

Get your Halloween Fix before Samhain. Why wait for October 31st for all the fun stuff? Halloween is popular enough a holiday now that you can start having your Halloween fun throughout October. Hold a secular Halloween party the weekend before Samhain, or have your horror movie marathon a couple of nights before Halloween. Go to an amusement park that holds Halloween theme nights (for me, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney World is the best place to get my Halloween fix, but a lot of theme parks cash in on the fun now).


Between the haunted hayrides and spooky house walk-throughs, corn mazes and pumpkin carving contests, the TV specials, crafts and decorating, you can probably find plenty of ways to get your Halloween fun in without letting it encroach on your Samhain celebration.

Just gotta throw in my FAVORITE Samhain album, favorite song.

you can get it here.

Move Samhain. Remember Pagan holidays celebrate a season; the sabbats have traditional days on which they’re celebrated but they don’t commemorate a particular date. The final harvest festivals always went by the weather and moon cycles—it was only later (and because of the Catholic holiday All Hallow’s Eve) that the holiday was moved to October 31st. A lot of Pagan traditions still celebrate on the astronomical midpoint between the Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice (November 7th), or on the full moon closest to that. Some will time their Samhain for when the first frost hits (since it actually is the beginning of winter and the end of the ‘old year’).

If moving Samhain would be better for you, you don’t have to feel guilty about it.  Moving it can give you plenty of time to help you recuperate from the Halloween festivities so you can focus on the sabbat.

Either way, there is probably room in your life for both; just keep the true meaning of the season in mind and don’t let it get squeezed out of the schedule.

Blessed Samhain to you!


*Dumb suppers are when you set the table for the living and the dead and eat in complete silence.

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