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3rd Wednesday: Current Events (issues from one Wiccan Witch’s perspective)

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Hello my friends!
The most current event for me is that my Ebook is finally out! Praise Hermes and Hecate! It is available right now exclusively through Amazon Kindle! I am a writer and a teacher, but a terrible salesperson and marketer, lol, so I’ll lay it on the line: if you like my writing, please check it out, as I think you will be pleased with this in-depth work. It would also be great if you could spread the word to those who you think would need it, and for you to review it on Amazon if you have read it—whatever you happened to think of it, it is much appreciated if you take the time!

As for Pagan current events, it seems the big current event —the U.S. election—keeps coming to mind. Regardless of whether we’re thrilled with or utterly in despair with the results of the election, I’m with Oprah on this one: We all need to take a deep breath. I know her comment enraged a lot of people, but I think in her usual wisdom, Oprah is on to something.

We are Pagans, we understand that the biggest threat to any culture is not what leader or bad legislation they might need to endure during any period; the biggest threat is in division. The biggest threat is turning on each other, villainizing each other, and refusing to listen to each other. Widening the gap is not going to help; only unity will begin the healing so that we can start compromising.

We are Witches who know that energy run amok often does more harm than good; it is better to regroup and focus energy toward specific goals. Better yet if we can do so together, after coming to some agreement about the best course of action.

We are magical people; we know the Law of Polarity, and that it warns us to remain balanced and look at things objectively. It teaches us not to have knee-jerk reactions and go off half-cocked. We understand how easily manipulated people are when they’re depolarized and imbalanced.

We also understand as magical people the law of attraction—that what we think creates reality. If we continue to put our energy into the worst possible outcome happening, the universe doesn’t care whether that energy is fear or anger or elation—it’s energy. It’s going to go toward that outcome. We know the disastrous results of giving in to our base emotions can have on a culture.

We know better than to assume people’s intentions; we know better than to assume that a person thinking this way must secretly have some truly bad qualities or that they’re not as bright or caring or passionate as we are. We know better than to assume we are the only ones who had the best intentions, and that anyone else’s intentions must have come from apathy or malevolence.

What we all need after this monumental election is to calm ourselves, center ourselves, to focus on the big picture. We need to strive for clarity, if not agreement. We need to try to come together in understanding—and if the ‘other side’ won’t do so, well then it puts even more of the burden on our shoulders to work towards that.

Right now, my prayers simply go out for peace and unity. Until we have that, it won’t really matter who is in charge. Things will keep getting worse.



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