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I have to admit, I’m not one to literally believe in the Threefold Law (here’s my take). But raising negativity to banish it shouldn’t bring anything down on you… you’re pretty much raising whatever is already there and affecting you in order to push it away, right? So it’s kind of like taking the antidote to throw up the poison.

Negative magic in itself isn’t bad; it’s simply getting rid of something. Especially what you’re trying to do—expel an excess of harmful energy that’s keeping you from being balanced. Just remember to fill that vacuum you create when you do get rid of it— take a cleansing bath, drink an infusion of herbs that replenish peace and happiness (a little lemon tea is generally enough for me), and spend some time over the next few days meditating on more harmonious things.

The thing you want to be cautious with is baneful magic, or magic you’re using to initiate harm towards someone/something. If you’re doing it for petty, selfish reasons, then you’re definitely going to be wallowing in a lot of negativity that is going to take its toll on you. But it doesn’t sound like you’re doing anything like that so you should be fine.


Good question! I encourage you to look up the theory of abundance vs. scarcity, you will learn a lot about how much attitude can do.

There’s nothing at all negative about prosperity—unless, of course, you’re prospering by mugging old ladies or conning vets out of their retirement funds. But prosperity is actually good for everyone all around. When you prosper, you alleviate yourself of stress and worries. It frees you to become a better person, and a better Witch. In turn, you have more to offer others.

Whenever I invoke Gods for a spell or a prayer petition, I give them thanks and praise for it. Of course, you can thank the Gods even if you didn’t directly ask them for help, because they’re part of your reality, and by virtue of that alone it’s worth a nod to them occasionally.

But in general, if you’re cultivating an attitude of abundance, you are already part of a cycle that is beneficial to mankind. And that’s only going to keep you on an upward spiral (as opposed to a downward spiral).



Hi, and welcome to the path! Relationship with deity is definitely at the heart of Wicca, but at the same time, like any other relationship, it’s going to take time to develop. So first off, don’t worry about rushing it. This is something that will develop over time.

Different Gods revel themselves to different people in different ways. The first step to getting to know them is reaching out to them: pray. It doesn’t have to be prayer, just say what’s on your heart. Make it a daily ritual. Go to your altar, call to them, ask themselves to reveal themselves to you, perhaps make a little offering (burn some incense, leave a flower or some dried herbs, etc.).

Next step is to listen: meditate. Stop and practice a few minutes of mindfulness after your prayer and see what comes to you.

You can also do some research on different Gods and Goddesses, and this might help you hone in on the right direction for you to take.

It might be a good idea to get some books aimed at beginners, too. Check out my recommended reading list!

Until next week everyone, enjoy your Imbolc and have a great weekend!

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One thought on “Mailbag: Ask Sage (5)

  1. the comment about gods and goddesses helps me also a beginner at Wiccan so was struggling with this question myself, I now feel that Mother Earth is the goddess but still unsure of god, oh well it will come to me and btw have a couple of your books, enjoy them and find them very informative, but still keep going back to reread some parts. Thank you and Blessed be

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