Mailbag: Ask Sage (14)

Hey all; I’m getting through the mailbag and making some real headway, yay! First thing I want to point out is that a lot of Love Spell questions are still coming in… and today I’m posting a YouTube video help anyone seeking help with love magic. So check it out.

For other issues… here we go:

Ooh, tough situation. And there are several possibilities here:

  1. your father is not cursed/hexed at all; he is having marriage conflicts with your mother, personal issues toward her (you might not even know about them all), and is acting out of his own free will.
  2. your dad is human, and he’s making poor choices. It can be hard to come to terms with things when our parents do things that are bad for the family, but unfortunately even parents are not perfect and can have bad habits.
  3. your dad is not deliberately hexed or cursed by your grandmother, but because of the bond they share and how she raised him, her own negative feelings about your mom & dad, etc., she has influence over him.
  4. your grandmother did (or had someone do) actual magical workings against your dad.

So really your first step is finding out for sure if your dad is even cursed at all. The best way to do this would be to get a reading of the situation– and in this case, even if you are skilled with a divination tool, it might be best to get a more objective opinion from someone else.

If it turns out that it’s number 3 or 4, there would be different ways of going about breaking the hold, depending on the situation. So really, first thing you need is answers.

Yep, lavender is actually very relaxing so it aids you in getting into a meditative state.

Ooooh… yes. I can let you in on the BIG SECRET: there is no spell that makes that happen. That’s not how Witchcraft works in reality.

In reality, spells help boost you toward  your goals. They help clear obstacles, decrease odds, level playing fields or give you an edge. They don’t make things go ‘poof’. Real Witches, no matter how many years they’ve been practicing magic, no matter how many generations they have in their family, no matter how skilled and talented they are, they use a match or lighter.

I’ve never, in almost 30 years, witnessed someone light a fire with their mind… and I’ve known some incredibly talented Witches. If it can be done, it must take an inordinate amount of training, skill and energy to do it– why go through all that for years and years and years of effort for what is merely a parlor trick? Wouldn’t it be better to just use a match to light your candles, and put your time and energy towards achieving more useful goals?


In my beliefs, magic is rooted in nature and psychology. It’s something we do whether we’re aware of it or not sometimes. The only difference between a Witch and a non-Witch is that Witches do it deliberately, and improve their skills to do it better.

Think of it like this: a kid growing up in a tribe in a jungle is going to know how to live in the jungle. At an early age they learn how to find their way, what is okay to eat, how to get water, etc. It’s just the way they were raised. But kids coming in from a major U.S. city aren’t going to know those things. It’s going to take time to learn– it’s a new lifestyle. They may stumble a bit more without guidance, but it can be learned.

When you grow up in a magical family, you learn magic from a  young age, because you grow up IN it. Other people who come to it at a later age have a lot to learn; and it can seem a bit more daunting, and they definitely should go slow and be careful. But there’s no certain age someone has to be.

Hi there; you’re right, actually. The kinds of deep meditation and trance work you want to get into to work on your psychic abilities are not good for someone suffering from issues like depression and anxiety. We always think of meditation as good for us, and in general it almost always is; but when there are chemical imbalances at play, or emotional blocks that aren’t dealt with, deep meditations/trance states and trying to open yourself to psychic energies can exacerbate the problems.

Your best bet at this point would be to get ‘balanced’ first; which might involve doctors and blood tests to see if it’s a physical/chemical problem, it might involve meds or amino acid therapy to get those chemicals in balance, it might also involve therapy. It couldn’t hurt to get spiritual healing done as possible if it’s within your means (reiki, chakra balancing, etc.).

If you have limited means, you might consider lighter meditations focused on healing; you can find a lot of meditations on YouTube; I personally like singing bowl meditations for chakra balancings.

Other things can help get you in better shape before starting to work on your goals include: daily affirmations, mindfulness, healthy eating/exercise/vitamins, cleansing baths, getting your environment clean/organized, carrying crystals such as amethyst, rhodonite or rose quartz.

Hi there; this sounds serious. Just for clarification, I want to just give you a little information about my religious beliefs. I don’t believe in demons in the Christian sense (of fallen angels and the epitome of evil); I do believe there are different types of spirits in the spirit world, and that some are very malevolent, though.

So you have outlined three problems here: 1) someone hexing you 2) a demon is attacking you and 3) demons are suffocating you when you lay down.

All of these are serious problems, and it would be irresponsible of me to give you a plan without being personally involved and working with you more intimately on your case. Any of these things can be complex on their own, let alone all three combined.

I would advise you to get a health exam. Sometimes there can be a medical explanation for our problems such as sleep apnea or sleep paralysis. Looking for physical causes to your issues should never, ever be overlooked, because sometimes they are the root cause of the problems, and the misery they bring can draw negative entities looking to feed off your illness, misery and depression. Treating the entities may be only treating the symptom, rather than the cause.

I would also advise you to get a reading done to make sure of what you’re dealing with. Are you under a curse, and if so, who doing it? How do the demons come into play (separate issue, or is the curse causing the demons)? Could the curse be causing health problems? Etc.

It’s very important not to guess at these things; and while some malevolent entities can be banished with a spell or cleansing baths, others may require assistance from experts. There is a lot going on here; so, I recommend 1) medical exam and 2) working with a qualified psychic/spiritualist/Witch/etc. who can really help get an understanding of all the intricate issues going on here.

I wish you much luck.

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