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Mackenzie Sage Wright, known as Sage, has been a freelance writer for more than a decade, and a Wiccan for more than two decades. There's nothing she enjoys writing about more than her religion.

More Samhain Spells

Even more Samhain spells for you: check them out!

These spells are simply folk magic– no specialty tools, ingredients or ritual knowledge required. Magic from the heart– pure kitchen witchery.

And while you’re at it, if you’re thinking about starting to honor your ancestors this time of year, why not check out my new article with some suggestions?

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My Favorite Samhain Recipes!

What’s a sabbat without a feast? There’s no better way than to make great holiday traditions than to have some favorite recipes on hand– or, if you’re on your way to that cauldron luck, it’s always good to have a recipe for a seasonal favorite. Try some of these this year:


Kitchen Witch Autumn Brew: Spiced Pumpkin Warm White Chocolate

Samhain Recipe: Apple Walnut Bread With Sweet Walnut Crumble Topping

Samhain Recipe: Sage’s Traditional Sabbat Beef Stew

Sage’s Samhain Miniature Apple Pie Recipe: Single Serving Seasonal Pie


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New Samhain Spell for Abundance

Only 8 days left till Samhain!  have you planned out your ritual and spell work yet? Well maybe this will help– I just put out a new YouTube video tutorial on how to cast a pumpkin petition spell for abundance: check it out here!

On HubPages, I wrote out the basic steps and provided you with some correspondence charts to help you tweak the spell for your specific goals. You can see that here!


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