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Mackenzie Sage Wright, known as Sage, has been a freelance writer for more than a decade, and a Wiccan for more than two decades. There's nothing she enjoys writing about more than her religion.

Mail Bag: Ask Sage (7)

Hi Everyone! Hope you all had a Blessed Beltane.

Since my mail bag is so backed up, I’m going to keep powering through!

But before that, my second video is up on Youtube!!

It’s a demonstration on how to DRESS CANDLES so be sure to check it out and let me know how I’m doing! 

I feel a bit out of my element with the videos, but I feel like it can only go up from here. It;s a learning process.

In the meantime, let’s dig in for some questions…

Oh, sorry to hear. That’s a problem. It’s really impossible to comment on the substance without seeing it. If remains wet, could there be some kind of oil mixed in? Does it smell like anything?

Salt alone would normally not be a bad thing– it’s used for protection and purification. If your neighbor were just putting salt around the door, it wouldn’t necessarily cause a problem.

If they’re adding things like pepper or saltpeter, they could be trying to get you to move or cause you problems.

To be safe I’d get or make an uncrossing oil or powder (recipes can be found online, or you can find stores that sell it ready-made)  and put it into some very warm wash water, and I’d wash away the substance, and give the floor a good washing. Go pour the rest of the water off your property (back on your neighbor’s property if you can without stirring up more trouble). Then bless some salt and sprinkle it over the area.

If anyone in the house is not feeling well or if things seem out of sort, it wouldn’t hurt to do a cleansing/purification bath (also look up recipes online, there are many) and maybe smudge the house. Without knowing more about the substance or about what’s actually happening to those in the household it would be hard to offer advice beyond that right now, but feel free to follow up!

Hi there; if you’re experienced enough to practice magic for others, I assume you’re pretty adept at cleansing, purification, protection and shielding. If not, I’d say it’s time to brush up on those practices.

One of the downsides of becoming a ‘Working Witch’ and putting yourself in the public eye is that there are always jealous people, vindictive people who will be mad that you’re getting attention or being successful, or they might be angry because they feel you didn’t help them get what they want. These people could aim a lot of negativity toward you so keeping up with cleansing, purification, protection and shielding are the basic self defense tactics you need to keep up, the same way someone might start a business and get an alarm, a gate to lock up at night, a security camera or guard, etc. Be pro-active.

I’m so sorry about your family’s problems. I see that you came through my article Real Magic Spells for the Dark Moon: Breaking an Addiction Spellwhich is a pretty powerful spell despite its simplicity.

The problem is, your husband and son would have to be willing to perform it. It’d be extremely difficult to try and force your husband or son to give up an addiction. Magic directs energy toward a goal; but thoughts and emotions are also energy; that addiction is directing energy toward a different goal. Unless your husband or son wanted to go along with you, wills would crash and conflicting energies would negate each other.

You could try a binding spell on them if you think they’re at a point at which they’re not thinking clearly and are a danger to themselves. That might curb some of the damage but it probably won’t solve the problem. You might also want to cast spells on yourself to cleanse the negativity, reduce the stress and strengthen yourself to face the challenges you’re dealing with. Cleanse the home well too, get rid of lingering negativity, make it a more peaceful place for all of you.

Ultimately, though, people have to come around and decide for themselves that they want to work towards shaking an addiction. Until then, we just have to hang in there and make the best choices we can.


Ah, yes, my Benny Boy.

Da Ben-Ben. Benjamin ‘Ben’ Franklin Wright. Lazy Bones… Peanut Butter Nutter… Buh-buh-buh-Benny and the Pets.

We got Ben about 9 years ago… he was almost a year old at the time and at the local pound. I went into the room full of barking dogs in cages going nuts. Benny just came up to his cage door, sat down and looked up at me. We now know this is his ‘good boy routine’, and he pulls it out whenever he wants something.

At about the same time I had been called to Hecate. Ben, being a black dog, got the moniker ‘Hecate’s Hound’. Also because he loves to sit in for rituals with me. I get the altar ready, and he takes his place at it right with me. He follows me around when call the quarters, he lays next to me for the meditation, and he follows through till the end.

I do have a problem with the word ‘familiar’. It originally came from Christian folklore; familiars were not just Witchy companions, but ‘evil spirits’, or sometimes the Witch in animal form.

Do I believe I have a connection to Ben? Yes. Does he have a connection to Hecate? Most definitely– he’s a black dog, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence he came into my life when She did. He can definitely sense her, among other things. Mostly, though,he’s just here, and he’s part of the family. I don’t feel like he was dropped on me for a mystical reason… I just believe we happened to find each other, we bonded, and he fits right in.


Well, that’s all for this week. Don’t forget to check out that YouTube Channel, and hey– if you’re not already, follow me on social media!

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Mailbag: Ask Sage (6) & More

Greetings & Salutations! Hope you’re well! As family matters and work got hectic there, I was forced to take a hiatus, but I’m happy to announce I’m back and getting back in the saddle here.

My mailbag is COMPLETELY FULL, so I thought I might start by catching up on some of the question… for those of you who have been waiting for an answer, thanks for your patience!

Before I get to that, I do have a couple of exciting announcements:


13 Moons to Becoming Wiccan is now available in paperback!



Introducing my New YouTube Channel: Magical Arts & Witch Crafts


Enter to Win a copy of 13 Moons in paperback by watching my first video!

And now, let’s dig into that mailbag!

Hi there… I’d love to help you out, but unfortunately, Witchcraft just doesn’t work that way. If I could just say the right word, it would have saved me YEARS of meditation and mental discipline!

Think of it this way: let’s say you wanted to learn how to play the piano. Someone can give you all the notes, but that doesn’t mean you can just sit down and play a song. You have to learn how to play the instrument, you have to train your fingers to move properly, you have to practice.

I can give you words; but words aren’t going to do it. A Witch can’t just say words and make things go ‘poof’. Magic only works like that in the movies or on TV.

You have to learn what your mind should be doing, and train your mind to do it. There are just no shortcuts, I’m afraid. If you want to get to the point where a spell works for you, then you’ll have to spend the next few months/years studying Witchcraft, meditating and training your mind in order to make it work.

Hello! I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been unhappy! I realize there can be a lot of complex issues behind that so I just hope that you’re finding your way through that to feel better.

As for my experiences at the beginning of my journey… wow, it’s hard to just put it in a nutshell. I’d been a seeker for a long time before I stumbled upon my path. At first it was exciting– Witchcraft was always something I was drawn to, it always fascinated me. It was a little frightening– I didn’t know what I might be getting into, and all those rumors and horror stories! It was also overwhelming– there just seemed so much to learn.

I was impatient back then. I rushed things. I wanted things to happen, fast. I needed things. I wanted my way. I skimped on preparation.  I made a lot of mistakes and had a lot of things fizzle out, but there were some successes and they were exhilarating. I was lucky to find good teachers who taught me to slow down, shut up and stop being impulsive.

I guess what surprised me most is that it wasn’t as ‘supernatural-ish’ as I had expected. In fact, it seemed things worked out rather naturally… it looks a lot just like coincidence most of the time. But dozens of coincidences begin to stack up and eventually you realize they’re not random; you see that you can make it happen.

The real power seemed to be more in the internal transformation than in anything external I could nudge in my favor… that’s when the real growth comes, when you begin learning that the better you are at mastering yourself, the better you are at mastering magic. Knowing yourself (the good, the bad and the ugly), stripping away the delusions, facing the inner ‘demons’ and the ‘guardian at the gate’, learning to accept yourself– or change yourself if you don’t like something, gaining self-control, increasing self-discipline… it’s when these things get going that the big changes start to come.

I could probably write a book on my years as a Witch. I’m an entirely different person than I used to be. It’s really help me grow and evolve, I could probably go on for hours about this!

Short and to the point… I like it.

That is a really hard question. There are a lot of reasons spells go wrong. Some people think if you just read words, or follow instructions to light a candle or burn an herb, then things will just happen. It doesn’t work that way.

First I would ask you, how much studying have you done? Do you understand what you’re actually doing? Have you done enough study to tell if the spells you’re finding are even good ones?

How much time have you spent meditating, learning to focus, to visualize? When you cast a spell, do you understand why you’re doing what it says to do? Are you keeping the right frame of mind after the spell?

As you can see, there is a lot involved. Since I don’t know anything about your background, what spells you’re specifically casting, or what kind of training you have, I couldn’t begin to guess. But if all or most of your spells are failing, I’d say you should go back to the basics… you are probably missing some vital details.

Hello there. I get a lot of requests from people asking if I can personally mentor them. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to do that. I do teach classes and workshops, I have a book out, I’ve written hundreds of articles, plus I just started that YouTube channel, so you can get a lot of what I have to teach from those. Beyond that, I can’t do any one-on-one right now, and I’m not taking on any new year-and-a-day Wicca students right now.

Your best bet would be to find someone local, though. Check out Witchvox.com and see if you can find any local classes, shops, events, etc. and do some networking. I wish you much luck! You know what they say– when the student is ready, the teacher will come.

Well, I’m not one to believe in white vs. black Witchcraft. The way I see it, it all works on the same principles.

Put it this way: if you walk into a store to buy a knife, do you ask for a ‘white knife’ to cut your food, but a ‘black knife’ to kill someone? No… a knife is a knife. There’s no special kind of knife to hurt someone. Likewise, there is no different kind of magic to hurt someone.

It all works based on the same principles. It’s up to you to use it responsibly.

If you have a knife and don’t want to stab anyone– don’t stab anyone. Same thing with Witchcraft; if you don’t want to hurt people or use it unethically, then don’t.

As for running a coven; you really have to join a coven and work your way up before you can run one. A coven leader is a spiritual leader; that’s not a job people should take lightly. The best way to learn it is as a student first, then as a teacher.

Best of luck to you!

Whew, I am going to give it a break for now… that was a lot of mail! But I’ll catch up some more next week. In the meantime, many blessings!


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Thank the Goddess for the First Amendment

3rd Wednesday: Current Events (issues from one Wiccan Witch’s perspective)

Ohio prisoners who identify as Pagans are no going to be able to practice their religion, and receive ministry in their religion, while in prison.  Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction approved 50 religious groups who will be allowed to visit inmates, including all manner of Paganism and Witchcraft. Ohio is joining West Virginia and a few other states in this step forward to ensure religious rights.

You gotta love the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Music to my ears. I can’t imagine living in a country without laws similar to the First Amendment. My heart breaks for so many countries in Africa, where people – especially children – are still being violently persecuted for suspicion of Witchcraft, or the attempt to exterminate Christians in the Middle East .

Life is not problem-free, of course, even when you do live in a free country. Laws can’t stop every nut case out there. Sure, there are cases in the U.S. of bigoted people harassing, trying to deny rights, or (in some isolated cases) severe persecution that seriously threatens a person’s health, liberty or well-being. In in this day and age, and in this place, we’re in better shape than most of the world has been throughout history, or even than some parts of the world are right now.

Of course, like with everything else, the First Amendment comes with a trade-off. We have the freedom to post our blogs, hold our rituals, celebrate our sabbats, raise our kids in our faith and post our endless supply of empowering memes. But for us to have this right, the First Amendment also has to allow those we disagree with to practice their religion.

Not only do they get to practice it (like we do), but they get to speak out against ours. Free religion and free speech kind of go hand-in-hand in a lot of ways when you think about it. We get to write books and give speeches on YouTube videos about why  we disagree with Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Scientology, etc., etc. But the same rights are afforded to Pat Robertson calling Wiccans ‘evil’ on his television show, or the Westboro Baptist Church showing up to say ‘God Hates Fags’ outside funerals.

Being Pagans, especially being Witches, we understand this. Everything is a give-and-take in nature, and in life.

That’s why in Washington D.C. people could peacefully assemble one week wearing pussyhats while trying to bring attention to their right to their birth control of choice, or an abortion if they choose to get one. While the very next week, at the March for Life, people who believe babies are being murdered, got to express their concern.

Sometimes when we have our own passionate beliefs, when something we disagree with truly offends and repels us, it can be hard to be supportive of the First Amendment. Look at Milo Yiannopoulos fleeing from UC Berkeley a couple of weeks ago. Some people are actually cheering that he was shut down because they hate the things he has to say. I have no problem with hating the things someone has to say; but I have a real problem with denying people First Amendment rights, then trying to justify that with a ‘but’. If you find yourself saying, “I support the First Amendment, but not for (fill in the blank),” then guess what? You don’t support the First Amendment.

I have to be honest, it freaks me out a when people celebrate stifling free speech with violent riots (what went on at UC Berkeley do not qualify as ‘protests’; they were riots). Because that’s the same kind of thinking behind the villagers who grab the pitchforks and the torches to go after the Witches.

It also freaks me out when people want to make certain religions illegal, when peaceful assemblies turn violent, when people abuse their right to criticize the government by trying to villainize/demonize those they disagree with, and when the press abuses their power by being deliberately dishonest and manipulative—trying to promote a narrative and an agenda rather than giving the cold, hard, unadorned, unexcused facts.

The Freedoms of the First Amendment provide us with an incredibly strong foundation for society, but every time we use a ‘but’ to justify chipping away at them we are contributing to the crumbling of that foundation. Sometimes there is cause for a ‘but’, of course (like someone directly inciting violence or sacrificing babies, for example), but those times should be exceedingly rare.

These freedoms are never going to be easy to execute in diverse nation; the founding fathers knew this when they framed the Constitution. And the more troubled times are, the more the country is divided on which values to embrace or which solutions are best, the harder it gets to put vehement disagreements and personal feelings aside in order to stand up for the First Amendment.

But I’m afraid I have to side with Evelyn Beatrice Hall on this one: ‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.’

I can’t help but think of our Pagan ancestors being persecuted for their beliefs, and how many of their persecutors thought they were justified. With every fiber of their being, those persecutors truly and wholeheartedly believed Pagans were practicing some repulsive, offensive, deadly stuff, so they justified their own oppressive behavior.

Freedoms like those afforded in the First Amendment were a huge step forward for human societies (and it still took time to catch up in practice with that massive philosophical threat); it truly chills me to the bone that these days we seem to be taking a step backwards. People are back to intolerance, back to justifying their actions, to denying that attempting to oppress that which they hate.

Dennis Prager, conservative talk show host and author, says, “I prefer clarity to agreement.”

While I may not agree with all of Prager’s positions, I do embrace that particular bit of wisdom. It rings true to my religious values, and it helps me remember just what a stroke of brilliance the First Amendment is, and why we have a responsibility to watch our ‘buts’. If we’re not careful, we could pull our own foundation right out from under us, and I can’t imagine where we, as Pagans, might be then. With two-thirds of the world being Muslim or Christian, two religions that believe we’re ‘the enemy’, anything that would weaken First Amendment rights is the biggest threat we face in the long run.

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