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Mackenzie Sage Wright, known as Sage, has been a freelance writer for more than a decade, and a Wiccan for more than two decades. There's nothing she enjoys writing about more than her religion.

My Year in Review, Halfway Through: A Personal Blog Post

So the year is half-over, and I’ve been looking back thinking about what the last 6 months have been like. A few words come to mind.

‘Challenging’ is one of those words. My husband and I called it quits after almost 18 years of marriage… he informed me in December that he no longer wanted to be married. This came out of the blue for me and was a big blow.

‘Drama’ is another word that resonates… and I hate drama. But just when I thought I was finished grieving the relationship and ready to move on, darling hubby realized he acted rash in some mid-life crisis moment and did some dome things, and he spiraled into depression, dumping all his regret and remorse at my feet.

I wish I could say that there is some satisfaction in your ex suddenly coming back to you, telling you they made a huge mistake, asking for forgiveness; but there wasn’t. I felt I couldn’t ever trust him again, the marriage was over for me. He needed to accept it, but it took a while, a lot of drunken text-messaging and showing up crying at my apartment in the middle of the night.

‘Change of plans’, is not technically a word, but it’s apt. My mother’s health– physical and mental –began deteriorating. I had planned to bring her to live with us, but it’s not safe. It was not entirely unexpected (she’s 87 and her health has been declining for a while).

On top of my mom, I had a 2-month bout with pneumonia. And because of all this, a much-anticipated move to Orlando got put on hold due to all the other problems (and I had been all packed– I was that ready to go!). I’m still half-packed, and half-living out of boxes, trying to regroup.

‘Expensive’, lol, is another word that comes to mind. Between taking care of my mother, becoming a one-parent household, cancelling one move, planning another, etc. my savings are largely depleted. It doesn’t help that hubby owes me a lots of money and is not coming through with child support the way he should be.

You might think it’s been a depressing time for me, and I admit I’ve had my moments, but overall I’m in very good spirits. With the bad, there always comes the good. And there are some very good words that I’ve thought of.

‘Inspiring’ is one of those words I would use for this year– spiritually speaking. My Gods have helped me face each challenge and overcome them; I feel truly blessed. I am ever grateful for their presence in my life and for gifts of faith.

‘Proud’. My kids are soooo amazingly awesome– I mean, I knew that already, but they just warmed my heart proving it again. They stepped up. They helped with everything, took care of me, of their dad, even of each other. I get misty in the realization that I have such wonderful children, and how very close our family is. And that includes my furbaby, Ben, who is constantly at my side.

‘Touched’ and ‘Loved’ also come to mind… my friends, neighbors, students, readers… so many of you have been so comforting, supportive, patient and kind, checking up on me, doing favors for me, lending me an ear to bend and a shoulder to cry on, seeing if I need anything, and– if I didn’t feel up to talking or writing– you just let me heal and get myself together, and when I did you were there for me.

‘Successful’. I could no longer afford to pick and choose when it came; I had to step up my game. My work as a freelance writer is flourishing as a result. I’m making more than ever now, and since it’s now a single parent household and I have to support it all my own, that is truly a blessing.

‘Healthy’ now. I got a big check-up, and my health is in good shape. Gotta watch the cholesterol– common for my age; and I gained quite a bit of weight back in the last six stressful months (definitely getting on board with taking care of that). But other than that, things look good. My diabetes is under control, A1C numbers are good, I have the kidneys and liver of a non-diabetic, apparently, and my sarcoidosis seems to not be flaring up too often or too badly anymore.

I also had an ‘Epiphany’. There has also been a revelation. I was only in Florida because of my mother and husband. Hubby and I moved here because HE wanted to; for me, it was a compromise. Then my mother moved here. And we settled. The whole reason I wanted to go to Orlando was because it’s my favorite place in Florida– I can go to Disney World whenever I want, and essentially escape Florida without leaving Florida.

In recent years though, it has gotten harder and harder for me to return to the Sunshine State after leaving it. I have learned to appreciate Florida, but never really love the nature here. I miss the changing of the seasons, I miss the fall and winter, I miss the return of spring having meaning. So it hit me like a bolt out of the blue– why am I still moving to Orlando? I don’t have to stay in Florida. I’m free now to go wherever I want.

So, I’m planning a move to Tennessee. And that brings me to ‘Optimistic’, because I’m really looking forward to this new phase in my life.

Over all, I’d say 2017 is ‘Transformational’ for me. It’s no wonder for a couple of years before that, I was getting hit with butterflies everywhere. They’d even land on me. I caught the scent in the wind and knew change was coming, but you never know what to expect when you get those kinds of signs. I find, though, that if you remain true to yourself and your path, everything else seems to just fall into place.

Wow, I never meant for this point to ramble on. I guess it was just stuff I needed to say. Thank you for listening.

What’s your year been like?

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Mailbag: Ask Sage (15)

Happy Weekend Everyone– I am happy to say that, I am totally getting there! By the end of next week I’ll have completely caught up with all the questions I can answer in my mailbag…. if you did not see yours, it means one of the following things:

  1. I didn’t get it
  2. I lost it in the shuffle
  3. I answered a question that was very similar/it was a repeat question
  4. It is far out of my realm of knowledge, and I don’t know where to point you (though usually I’ll have responded to you telling you that).

In the meantime, let’s get to it.

I understand your concern. I grew up in a Christian family, and very much feared Witchcraft for a long time. I believed what I was told: that it was from Satan, etc.

Then I started learning more about other religions. Like I learned that in Judaism, Satan wasn’t a fallen angel at all; he still works for God. I learned in other religions, they don’t believe in Satan.

Eventually, I stopped believing in Satan. I started practicing the Craft in time, and was still a bit nervous– what if I was wrong? But, I must admit, in more than 25 years, I’ve never had any encounter or experience with any form of devil. It’s just never happened.

In my beliefs, and from my experience, magic is part of nature. It’s woven into the fabric of the universe. It’s a natural resource, like fire– you learn to harness it. It can be dangerous, but it doesn’t have a mind, it’s not out to get you. You learn to respect it and use it safely, you don’t have a problem.

Yes, I believe there are some malevolent entities out there… of course there are. But I don’t believe they hold much power over us. You don’t need to bother with them, and you can certainly protect yourself from them or get rid of them if need be. But nothing like the Christian Satan concept.

There are people who believe Satan is a true God, they have a totally different concept of him (he is the one who attempted to bring man knowledge and self-empowerment, but was slandered by a rival God, Yahweh, in their beliefs); if that’s the case, they could probably bring Satan into their magic the same way a Pagan might bring in Thor or Aphrodite, or the way a Christian or Jew might bring in YHWH. But that would be a deliberate act.

None of the horror story-esque type rumors Christians told me about Witchcraft ever turned out to be true. Seriously. So I honestly don’t even worry about or think about that stuff anymore. There are Christian Witches; if you’re a Christian, or raised Christian, which I suppose you might be if you’re worried about an entity known as ‘the devil’,  and you believe in the Christian world view of God/devil, you should probably talk to some Christian Witches to get their perspective.

Here’s the problem with that: generational curses are pretty rare. First off, because they aren’t easy to pull off, and secondly, because even for the best Witches, they wear off.

Most of the time when people believe their family has been cursed, it hasn’t. It’s usually just dysfunctional family dynamics… parents passing down poor interpersonal skills, poor disciplinary philosophies and poor habits and attitudes to the next generation for ages.

No offense– I come from a dysfunctional family.  It’s like a curse, but not a magic one that needs to be broken. A magical curse is almost preferable– spells can be broken, dysfunctional families are not so easily fixed.

Often what makes it 10 times worse is that the family does believe in a generational curse; if that’s so, even if the were cursed, the curse is not the problem; the energy they feed into the curse by believing it and fearing it is what the problem is. More often, someone (some con artist pseudo-psychic) told people their family is cursed because they wanted to bleed the family dry.

So I would really recommend getting a good psychic or spiritualist and having a reading done by someone objective (and, naturally, reputable– beware of scammers).

Now if it comes down to it that you think a curse was actually cast, there are different ways to go about breaking it. At this point, you (or a Witch, or your spiritualist, etc.) would have to assess the nature of the problems and who is involved. It’s not something I can really help with from just one email myself, so I’m hesitant to get into too much detail, but some things you can do that wouldn’t hurt either way is to cleanse the home and the family members– cleansing and purification baths, smudging, anointing oils, floor washes, etc., to get rid of pockets of negativity.

Another REALLY important thing is for the family to renounce any power that a curse might have over them. Many people overlook this simple step, but by underestimating their own power that they have over their lives they are essentially rolling over and allowing any curse (real or imagined) to continue. Affirmations can help with that.

I also would urge you to consider if your family’s problems might be perfectly natural. Here’s an interesting read: https://www.brown.edu/campus-life/support/counseling-and-psychological-services/index.php?q=dysfunctional-family-relationships

I wish you the best of luck.

Hi there; there are definitely people who are more sensitive to spirits, and of course, this usually results in drawing more spirit activity to us. Protection is important, so good for you!

There are essentially a few ways you can go about ensuring protection:

  1. learn to put up your ‘shields’ (the more you practice visualizing this, the better you’ll get at it; but unfortunately it only works when you’re deliberately keeping the shields going– but when being attacked, or when you feel a threat, it’s good to do)
  2. casting a spell of protection (durations vary– but good if you need some heavy-duty shielding for a while, 24/7)
  3. creating a protective charm, amulet or talisman (this is great to keep yourself protected even when you’re not thinking about it; you just have to keep it around you).

Also remember that part of protection is ‘maintenance’– cleansing away negativity, purification baths occasionally, etc.– both on your person and in your environment– so that you don’t put yourself in a vulnerable position. Think of it as the same as why you keep your house clean and your food sanitary to prevent illnesses.

Blessings upon your path!

First of all, did you see the film? It was awesome! I have been a Wonder Woman fan since I was a little girl; loved her comic books, watching her show, dressing up like her for Halloween or play-acting. I was also lucky enough that I was the only girl among my cousins on one side of the family, so when we all were outside playing ‘Super Heroes’, I always got to be Wonder Woman by default!

Anyway– here’s what I believe. I believe the Gods and Goddesses are REAL spiritual beings that are beyond our comprehension. ALL of the images we give them, ALL of the myths/stories we tell about them, are just human creations. It’s how we relate to something that is so beyond our mortal comprehension. And THEY know it. So they relate to us in ways that we understand. And frankly, I wouldn’t rule out a Higher Power relating to you through a form that you respect and relate to, like Zeus, Yahweh, Bast, or… Wonder Woman.

Some people believe Gods are tulpas– beings we create ourselves using thought forms. In this case, it’s humans who created Gods, not the other way around. That doesn’t mean they’re not real; we gave them their energy, we gave them a life of their own.

Along the same lines, some don’t believe in Gods literally but that they are archetypes, and by giving them a ‘form’ we are better able to relate to those parts of the human brain from which they come.

Interesting article: http://www.mbird.com/2013/10/t-m-luhrmanns-theory-on-voices-and-tulpa-gods-in-your-head/

You might like this video.

As for prayers, invocations, gifts– I would meditate on her, meet her in creative visualization trances. Ask her what offerings she appreciates; either the being embodying Wonder Woman (or, if you lean more atheistic, your subconscious mind) will supply the answer intuitively. Certainly any warrior Goddess prayer or invocation could probably be adapted.

Hello… depends really. Do you fear these exes will use that power he’s given to them? Do they know how? If not, I wouldn’t be too worried.

If he wishes to nullify his bonds, yes there are ways to do that. This is actually something I have all my students work on when I train people or teach Wiccan Way Grove classes.

One way to ‘freeze’ such connections right away and get some relief from them is have him write each one down on a different piece of paper: the name, and whatever bond he feels he made with them (actions or words) in whatever way he wishes to phrase it.. Fold it up and throw them into a tupperware, fill it with salt water and put it in the freezer– as he does this, it should be with the intent of putting a temporary hold on those bonds. Suspending them, basically. That is the thought-energy he wants to put into them.

If he DID have any bonds that were still working on him or being used, ‘freezing’ them would immediately give him relief. He’d feel a difference.

Have him do chakra meditations/creative visualizations, one at a time. Go through each chakra (there are millions of websites describing them, so if you’re not familiar with chakras it might take a bit of research) and have him visualize it, and explore whether there are any chains/ropes/ties/etc… these would be how his mind symbolizes such connections he might have made. Then have him visualize severing those ties/binds.

You can also use candle magic… use a candle to represent him (male-shape, specific color, or white, which is the yang/male energy). Use a candle to represent his former girlfriend (female-shape, specific color she’s associated with, or black, which is the yin/female energy). Scratch their names in the candles, birth dates, and if desired, put their pictures under the candles (a pic of him alone to represent him, and a pic of his ex if he has one).

Get a ribbon in the color that represents the bond (red for blood bonds is good) and tie one end to the ‘male’ candle and one to the ‘female’ candle. Stand them on opposite sides of the altar/table (or, you know, away from each other, to represent distance). Light each candle, stating who they represent (names), visualize the energy connecting them running along the ribbon, then announce you’re ‘severing’ it and cut the ribbon ordering that it break all ties between them..

Some kind of cleansing/purification incense, like a sage stick, is a good idea. Wave it around the area, between the two figures, to ‘clear the air’. Let the candles each burn out.

Take his wax lump and ribbon remnants and bury it on/around your property…. take her wax lump & ribbon remnants and go throw it in some running water away from your home.

You can also have him do purification baths for 11 days with salt and hyssop, pouring it over his head announcing that he frees himself of all bonds that no longer serve him. You could also do this after the chakra meditations or candle magic.

Once he’s performed the meditation or candle spell and/or bath, it’s safe to unfreeze the papers. Toss them in running water away from your home as well (stream, river, ocean, etc.).

Again, these are precautions in case he feels those bonds are doing something to him that he wants stopped. It is possible they could have naturally disintegrated over time, so it might not be an issue anymore. Best of luck!

Hi there; I’m not sure what you’re looking for protection from, so it’s hard to say. But I will add that you can write it into the spell where you want the money to come from (job opportunities or gambling winnings, a generous donor, for example, as opposed to someone dying and leaving you an inheritance).

But if you feel you want a little extra protection, give your family members something to protect them ahead of time (charms/amulets, for example, to be placed in the home or kept on their person). If they’re non-magical and wouldn’t understand, you don’t have to say it was enchanted, just tell them it was a gift. Or stick a tiny amulet in their  wallet, purse, or in a crease in their shoes where it won’t bother them, or hide it in their house (toss it behind the bed, lol, or tuck it between carpet & wall. You could use a tiny pebble-size crystal (obsidian or amethyst are good), or anoint a small cloth/cotton ball with a protection oil or even a small bit of herb (lavender or sage oil/herb are good) and use that.

Hope that helps!

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Mailbag: Ask Sage (14)

Hey all; I’m getting through the mailbag and making some real headway, yay! First thing I want to point out is that a lot of Love Spell questions are still coming in… and today I’m posting a YouTube video help anyone seeking help with love magic. So check it out.

For other issues… here we go:

Ooh, tough situation. And there are several possibilities here:

  1. your father is not cursed/hexed at all; he is having marriage conflicts with your mother, personal issues toward her (you might not even know about them all), and is acting out of his own free will.
  2. your dad is human, and he’s making poor choices. It can be hard to come to terms with things when our parents do things that are bad for the family, but unfortunately even parents are not perfect and can have bad habits.
  3. your dad is not deliberately hexed or cursed by your grandmother, but because of the bond they share and how she raised him, her own negative feelings about your mom & dad, etc., she has influence over him.
  4. your grandmother did (or had someone do) actual magical workings against your dad.

So really your first step is finding out for sure if your dad is even cursed at all. The best way to do this would be to get a reading of the situation– and in this case, even if you are skilled with a divination tool, it might be best to get a more objective opinion from someone else.

If it turns out that it’s number 3 or 4, there would be different ways of going about breaking the hold, depending on the situation. So really, first thing you need is answers.

Yep, lavender is actually very relaxing so it aids you in getting into a meditative state.

Ooooh… yes. I can let you in on the BIG SECRET: there is no spell that makes that happen. That’s not how Witchcraft works in reality.

In reality, spells help boost you toward  your goals. They help clear obstacles, decrease odds, level playing fields or give you an edge. They don’t make things go ‘poof’. Real Witches, no matter how many years they’ve been practicing magic, no matter how many generations they have in their family, no matter how skilled and talented they are, they use a match or lighter.

I’ve never, in almost 30 years, witnessed someone light a fire with their mind… and I’ve known some incredibly talented Witches. If it can be done, it must take an inordinate amount of training, skill and energy to do it– why go through all that for years and years and years of effort for what is merely a parlor trick? Wouldn’t it be better to just use a match to light your candles, and put your time and energy towards achieving more useful goals?


In my beliefs, magic is rooted in nature and psychology. It’s something we do whether we’re aware of it or not sometimes. The only difference between a Witch and a non-Witch is that Witches do it deliberately, and improve their skills to do it better.

Think of it like this: a kid growing up in a tribe in a jungle is going to know how to live in the jungle. At an early age they learn how to find their way, what is okay to eat, how to get water, etc. It’s just the way they were raised. But kids coming in from a major U.S. city aren’t going to know those things. It’s going to take time to learn– it’s a new lifestyle. They may stumble a bit more without guidance, but it can be learned.

When you grow up in a magical family, you learn magic from a  young age, because you grow up IN it. Other people who come to it at a later age have a lot to learn; and it can seem a bit more daunting, and they definitely should go slow and be careful. But there’s no certain age someone has to be.

Hi there; you’re right, actually. The kinds of deep meditation and trance work you want to get into to work on your psychic abilities are not good for someone suffering from issues like depression and anxiety. We always think of meditation as good for us, and in general it almost always is; but when there are chemical imbalances at play, or emotional blocks that aren’t dealt with, deep meditations/trance states and trying to open yourself to psychic energies can exacerbate the problems.

Your best bet at this point would be to get ‘balanced’ first; which might involve doctors and blood tests to see if it’s a physical/chemical problem, it might involve meds or amino acid therapy to get those chemicals in balance, it might also involve therapy. It couldn’t hurt to get spiritual healing done as possible if it’s within your means (reiki, chakra balancing, etc.).

If you have limited means, you might consider lighter meditations focused on healing; you can find a lot of meditations on YouTube; I personally like singing bowl meditations for chakra balancings.

Other things can help get you in better shape before starting to work on your goals include: daily affirmations, mindfulness, healthy eating/exercise/vitamins, cleansing baths, getting your environment clean/organized, carrying crystals such as amethyst, rhodonite or rose quartz.

Hi there; this sounds serious. Just for clarification, I want to just give you a little information about my religious beliefs. I don’t believe in demons in the Christian sense (of fallen angels and the epitome of evil); I do believe there are different types of spirits in the spirit world, and that some are very malevolent, though.

So you have outlined three problems here: 1) someone hexing you 2) a demon is attacking you and 3) demons are suffocating you when you lay down.

All of these are serious problems, and it would be irresponsible of me to give you a plan without being personally involved and working with you more intimately on your case. Any of these things can be complex on their own, let alone all three combined.

I would advise you to get a health exam. Sometimes there can be a medical explanation for our problems such as sleep apnea or sleep paralysis. Looking for physical causes to your issues should never, ever be overlooked, because sometimes they are the root cause of the problems, and the misery they bring can draw negative entities looking to feed off your illness, misery and depression. Treating the entities may be only treating the symptom, rather than the cause.

I would also advise you to get a reading done to make sure of what you’re dealing with. Are you under a curse, and if so, who doing it? How do the demons come into play (separate issue, or is the curse causing the demons)? Could the curse be causing health problems? Etc.

It’s very important not to guess at these things; and while some malevolent entities can be banished with a spell or cleansing baths, others may require assistance from experts. There is a lot going on here; so, I recommend 1) medical exam and 2) working with a qualified psychic/spiritualist/Witch/etc. who can really help get an understanding of all the intricate issues going on here.

I wish you much luck.

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