Moving Magic Part I: Looking Out Toward a New Horizon

2nd Wednesday: Cottage Witch Corner (everything home, garden & family)

So, as many of you know, there are a lot of life changes going on for me these days. It’s as though my soul went through the dead of winter, but now Imbolc has passed and my soul has started to stir again. Spring may not yet be here, but I’m starting to turn my face toward the sun and feel the warmth of hope washing over me. It’s still faint, but I’m motivated to look ahead.

The next big hurtle I face is finding a new home. I’m moving to a brand new city, and it feels like a great way to start over. It’s like getting a fresh notebook and pack of pens. All those clean, blank pages– they mean possibilities. A new chapter. A fresh start.

So, there’s some magical plans in the works to help this goal along.

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Getting Ready:

At this phase of my moving plans, I’m mainly focusing on finding a place I’ll love and projecting as much positive thoughts as I can into my future. I started with positive affirmations about my future:

  • I’m loving my new home, my new city, my new life
  • This move is the best thing for me and is opening doors of opportunity for family, friends, work and fun
  • I am moving into a river of abundance and am being washed over with health, prosperity and happiness
  • I hold the power to make my life whatever I want it to be

So these are just  a few of my affirmations that I have been drilling into my subconscious on a daily basis.

My next project was to create a small altar toward my goal. I don’t want to talk to much about it or post a picture of it right now, because it’s still in the works and I don’t want the wrong energies interfering with it. Generally I don’t talk about magical workings very specifically while they’re still going on, but pictures of what I want, candle and container magic, prayers, petitions, the right symbols and crystals and herbs, etc. are all contributing to the working.

Of course, divination is also very useful. I like to use my pendulum, like I did when I was looking for my car. I shop around and print out images of the possibilities then turn them over and do a ‘blind’ reading over them with the pendulum. I prefer to do it this way so that when I do a reading over each ‘image’, I don’t see it. Seeing it can influence the outcome; like I might LOVE the look of one totally cute place, and might misinterpret the reading because I’m so hopeful of getting it. I don’t want my opinions to influence the interpretations of the answers coming through my divination tools.

I ask questions and write the answers that come on the back of the image, then I turn them over and see what answers I got for each one. I ask questions such as, ‘Will this place suit my needs?’ ‘Are there any problems I should be aware of?’ ‘Will I be happy here?’

With pendulum, I start out with yes/no questions, then I attempt to ‘hone in’ on the answers by playing ’20  questions’. Or, I get out my chart of letters/numbers and  use that to get more direct messages spelled out for me (literally) if I feel like my guides are trying to tell me something.

Finally, I’ve been doing some cleansing as I start preliminary packing. I physically and spiritually cleanse an area before going through and packing it. No need to bring any negativity when I move.

And of course, I’m doing the practical stuff, too: checking the credit report, searching the market,  figuring out what I can afford, etc. Hopefully within a couple of months, I’ll be settled somewhere new.

But until then, I’m still here, and still hanging in. Until next week :o)

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Untying the Knot: How I’m Dealing with Divorce as a Wiccan Witch

2nd Wednesday: Cottage Witch Corner (everything home, garden & family)

It’s a new year– a Tarot reading is always a great way to start it. This reader is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED; and not just because I’m related to her (lol). She’s been called to the Tarot since a young age and I’ve seen her talents flourish. Go check out her new website.


Just because you’re a Witch doesn’t mean life doesn’t knock you for a loop every now and then. I had a huge upheaval a month ago that’s left me reeling. My husband told me he doesn’t want to be married anymore. The future to which we both once looked toward together was no longer the future he wanted, he realized. No ifs, ands or buts about it. No room for counseling or reconciliation. And just like that, the person I thought I was going to grow old with, the person who had been my lover, partner and best friend rolled into one, was out of my life.

If anyone was wondering why Wednesday’s Word didn’t appear for the last couple of weeks, now you know why. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs and have been trying to make sense of things.

About 17 ½ years ago, my husband and I were handfasted—a handfasting is a Wiccan wedding ceremony in which the couple’s hands are bound as a symbol of the joining of their lives. I still have the cord that my High Priest and High Priestess tied around our wrists—I’ve never unraveled it.


Wiccan Handfasting.

The cord has sat, coiled and knotted, on a shelf in our bedroom along with a few other wedding mementos: the silver chalice used in our handfasting ritual, an empty bottle of Chaucer’s Honey Mead, and the bride and groom ‘mouse ears’ hats we wore on our 2nd honeymoon to Disney a couple of years ago for our 15th anniversary, which we took after renewing our vows.

Religion and spirituality are not something you do; they’re something you are. For me, they’re a lifestyle—a part of my life, of who I am, that touches on just about everything else.  So naturally, in dealing with this period in my life, I turned to my faith.

I’m not suggesting I know just what to do, nor am I telling you what to do in your situation. I’ve never been divorced; I’m far from an expert in dealing with this. But I just wanted to share what I’m doing.

Let It Out

You ever hear the expression, ‘The only way out is through’? That’s pretty much my philosophy about this. I’m allowing myself time to grieve this loss.

I’m currently living at my mother’s house. I work as much as I need to work (one of the perks of being freelance writer— flexibility) and am taking a lot of time for sleeping, hot baths, cuddling up to watch movies and eat ice cream—basically, doing what I can to nurse my broken heart back to health. I’m giving into the emotions, be they depression, despair, anger, etc.

If I feel like talking, I reach out to family and friends, and talk. If I need a shoulder to cry on, a hug, kind words—they’re there for me. If, on the other hand, I need to be alone and withdraw for a while, I can do that, too.

What Wicca has taught me is that the stages and phases of life go on; it’s not the end, it’s just another transition. I can survive it, I can move on from it, and I can take from this experience things that will make me stronger and help me grow.

Keep Calm

It would be easy to let the pain get the most of me. I don’t blame people who might turn ugly, petty, and just unleash their fury when they’ve been rejected by someone they thought loved them so much. But I know that wouldn’t be best for him, or for my kids, and it wouldn’t be best for me.

I’m really trying to remember Wicca’s ethics and tenets here. It’s okay to be hurt, but it’s not okay to be deliberately hurtful, and it doesn’t solve anything. It makes things worse for all involved. I can’t hurt him without hurting myself and my children, so I’m reminding myself to tread lightly.

Thank you breathing exercises, affirmations and meditations.

Prayer, Meditation, Pathworking

One of the first things I did when I went to my mother’s place was to set up my altars and shrines. My daily devotionals, prayers and rites are really helping me along. My Gods have always been there for me to draw from them what I need: love, comfort, strength, guidance, patience. So, I’ve been turning to Them, an endless source of energy, to help me recharge and find balance again.

I am finding signs all over. Just a day after I was given the earth-shattering news, a butterfly appeared to me. In the middle of winter, it was quite out of place, even in Florida. It stuck around on my porch all day and landed on my hand. I snapped a picture. If you notice, I have a butterfly as my website logo—there is a reason for that. In recent years, as a lot of changes have been happening, Butterfly has become a spirit animal guiding me through these changes. I never expected this to be one of those changes, but it was as comfort to see it was there to help me through.

Another sign is a squirrel came down a tree to face-height and yelled at me. The last time a squirrel went out on a limb, looked me in the eye and yelled at me, I was hesitating on making a major move. In my research that time, I discovered that squirrels coming into your life means it’s time to dump what’s no longer serving you, get prepared and move forward. It’s probably no coincidence that it happened again at this particular time in my life.

My spiritual training has helped me go within and do a lot of internal work—healing, rebalancing, looking ahead on my path. I feel like it’s been the glue holding my sanity together during these trying times, with all the challenges ahead of me (both physical and emotional).

Spells and Magic

No, I’m not hexing or cursing him. But a little Witchcraft can usually nudge things in the right direction. I’ve been in too bad a place emotionally to work up the kind of energy I need for full-blown spells, but I’ve been making liberal use of my store of enchanted oils, charged candles, herbal incense blends, crystals, charm bags, honey jars and other things I’ve made in the past. These things were made not for any specific reason; just for general maintenance – peace, health, prosperity, relaxation, inspiration, purification, balance, etc. I’m just glad they’re there, they’ve help given me a boost.

I am planning some spells… maybe for a couple of months from now. More specific spells for cleansing, purifying, healing and who knows what else, are going to be beneficial in the near future. I plan to move to a new city in a couple of months, so I’ll probably be applying spells liberally toward that goal to help it go smoothly.

Rite of Passage

A wedding is a rite of passage; it marks an important event and kind of shifts that switch in your mind to help you go from one state of being to another. Rites of passage are important, as a wise Witch once drilled into me. They make transitions easier.

Separation, divorce, etc., unfortunately, are rarely given the same importance as a wedding. Yes, it’s a sad occasion, nothing to (usually) celebrate. But marking the end of this relationship is to me, in my religious perspective, as important as it was to mark its beginning.

In Wicca, this is called a hand parting.

Unfortunately, my soon-to-be ex-husband doesn’t want to participate in any kind of ritual or spiritual event to mark this particular passage, so I’m left to do it on my own. I’ll be picking a date—I’m not exactly sure when, yet (perhaps the anniversary of our marriage; or perhaps on the waning moon after the divorce papers are finalized). At that ritual, I’ll take that handfasting cord and untie the knot, symbolically undoing all the vows and commitments we’ve made to each other.

After that, I’ll probably do another ritual when I find a new home and move, to celebrate this new phase in my life. That doesn’t mean everything will be all better… I’m not expecting any single action to be a miracle cure. This man was a huge part of my life for more than 20 years and that doesn’t just go away. But untying the knot…. It’s a step in the right direction.


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Out with the Old, In with the New

2nd Wednesday: Cottage Witch Corner (everything home, garden & family)

It’s almost a new year, and on the verge of 2017 it is a great time to do a little magical maintenance in your life. New Year’s Eve/Day is full of energy people all over the world lend to it, it offers a lot of magical potential. Unless you grew up in a tribe in South America that was cut off for civilization, the understanding of New Year’s Eve/Day being an annual ‘rite of passage’ of sorts is embedded in your subconscious, so it’s a good ‘program’ to work with.

Many cultures around the world have long-standing traditions around Winter Solstice/early January to help ring in the new year right. The goal was to clear away anything plaguing us that we don’t need anymore, and paving the way for health, wealth and happiness to come to us. Let’s turn to some of those traditions and see how we can adapt them for our own spiritual magical practices.

Clearing Out the Old

In Ecuador, people burn scarecrows at midnight on New Year’s Eve, and photographs from the previous year. Fire has been seen as a means of purification in many cultures, and it can be a great way to purify energies no longer serving you in your life.

If you have a back yard fire pit or a fireplace, stuff a simple rag doll or poppet form with papers and pictures representing the things you want to leave behind as the old year comes to a close. It might be old dreams and goals, old relationships, old pains and losses. Whatever it is, use the transformative power of fire to turn the negative energy into something more positive and hopeful.

If you don’t have a fireplace/pit, try cutting out paper dolls and writing your wishes on them. You can burn them in a heat-proof pot somewhere safe.

Cleanse Yourself

In Sri Lanka, Buddhists take an herbal purification bath to purify themselves. In Burma people splash water at each other.  Water, like fire, is also cleansing, but instead of transforming anything water just washes us clean so we can start fresh.

It’s a great time to make an herbal cleansing bath or potion so that you enter the new year fresh and unfettered. Mix some sage, sandalwood, rosemary, lavender, hyssop or any other herb you use for cleansing together. Steep it in water to make a strong tea, then throw that tea into your bath water. Put some in a spray bottle, too, so you can go around spritzing your home.

Scare Away the Demons

If you’re worried there are any bad entities hanging around you or your home, make lots of noise on New Year’s Eve. This is where the tradition of exploding fireworks and blowing noisemakers comes from– it’s supposed to scare away any ghosts, demons or generally bad little buggars that are hanging around.

Try a bell. In Japan, on New Year’s Eve, they ring a bell 108 times for this purpose.

Set Up a Shrine

Worshiping various deities on New Year’s Day is a great way to attempt to gain a bit of their favor for the year to come. Ancient Romans would honor Janus at the turn of the year, the God of comings and goings. The month of January was named after him. He has two faces—one looking back, another looking forward. They would pay homage to Janus on the last day/first day of every month, at weddings and other events that meant the end of one time and beginning of another. In particular, Janus was honored at new year.

Put out a picture, statue or plaque of Janus somewhere (you can print pictures off the internet if you don’t have something suitable). Leave a couple of candles there and a little bowl for offerings. Say a prayer and give Him a gift of bay laurel incense, flowers, or a libation of honey wine. Thank him for the blessings of the old year and ask him to thrice bless you in the new!

Use Symbolism to Draw What You Want

In China, the front door was usually painted red on New Year’s Day because it symbolizes good fortune. Chinese families look to draw good fortune to their home. While color symbolism is very subjective, you could try putting something red on your door— or whatever color symbolizes what you hope will come to you. Perhaps a green wreath for money, a big blue ribbon for healing, or a swag of roses and lavender for love.

Think about the color you want to be wearing when you take your first steps into the New Year as well—choose your outfit carefully. Do up your hair and adorn yourself in a way that reflects what you wish to happen this year. Perhaps you’re hoping to graduate chef school; spend some time wearing a chef smock. Perhaps you’re hoping your finances will increase exponentially—wear your finest garments, or buy something new for the occasion. Hoping to get married? Slip that blue garter on your leg under your skirt—no one has to know! Cover and surround yourself with the things that represent your goals for this year; it’ll help you focus on drawing that energy toward you.

Be Generous

If you want money this new year, don’t forget to spread the wealth. After all, you reap what you sow. Stuff your pockets or purse full of coins. Spread them around—give them to children, leave them as offerings to deities or nature spirits, plunk some into charity collection jars, and sprinkle them around your property like confetti. Always keep some on you, too—don’t ever go broke!

Remember the law of attraction: like attracts like.

Break Bread

It’s impossible to talk about new year’s traditions without adding food into the mix, as food is probably the most common way people around the world celebrate anything. Food is also magical, no different from herbs, bones and other magical ingredients. In many cultures, people would eat beans for the New Year—beans. Stories about magic beans and bean stalks shouldn’t come as a surprise. Beans have long been used in folk magic to bring fertility and prosperity into a home.

In Greece, they bake coins in cakes. Other cultures use beans. Whoever gets the slice with the hidden treasure in it will be especially blessed in the new year—just warn your guests! You don’t want anyone choking!

Speaking of food, remember that law of attraction. Spark off your New Year with a special feast of foods that represent all those things you want in your life. As you sprinkle in your spices and stir your foods, pour all your magical intentions into them—then enjoy! Preferably with a friend/family member!

Here’s some more ideas for New Year Magic:

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