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Hi my Witchy Friends!

As you (probably) know, I’m a writer. I have nothing against books, articles, self-study PDF files or message boards. But I’m also an educator, and I realize that for some people, reading and reading and reading and reading and reading and reading and reading just does not cut it!

There are many people who benefit from


This is why I am:

All classes/workshops are audio with visual aids and can be accessed through a variety of devices. Invitations including instructions and link for attendance at will be provided after payment clears. All workshop/class sizes are limited and filled on a first come, first serve basis. Reserve your spot today!

* Please Note: While it is true that I am Wiccan, classes/workshops on Witchcraft are specifically designed to be religion-neutral and can be applied to any spiritual path. ANY type of Witch is welcome to my Witchcraft classes.

Reviews from Class and Workshop Attendees:

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Classes Being Planned for June, July and August, Coming Soon!


Uncrossing Ritual: How to Blast That Negativity Out Of Your Life

The Magical Garden: How to Bring Magic Into Your Garden, and Get Magic Out of It

Intro to Kitchen Witchery: Cooking Up Every Day Magic

The Anatomy of a Spell: Let’s Break It Down & Put It Under a Microscope

Spell Fails: Why Spells Go Wrong, How to Avoid It

The Wand: The Most Misunderstood, Underused Tool You Own

Protection Magic: Using Magic to Keep Yourself, Your Loved Ones & Your Stuff SAFE!

& More!

If you have any suggestions, please let me know! I’ll let you know if it’s something I can do, or if it’s beyond my skill set.


At least once per month I plan to offer one Free workshop focused on the Wiccan Religion. Here are some topics I’m planning for the future.

Celebrating Ostara: The ‘Sabbit’ With The Rabbit

Celebrating Beltane: Wiccan High Holy Day

Coven, Solitary, Grove, Group: Which is Right For You?

Building Your Altar: All About Wiccan Ritual Tools

Circle Casting 101: How to Master This Essential Rite

*Levels of Skill:

  • Newbies: people just starting to learn about Witchcraft but who have not (or have barely) practiced anything.
  • Beginners: those who have done some homework and may have made a few attempts, but are still trying to figure much out; OR people who have performed magic intuitively but have not done little to no research.
  • Intermediates: people who have done more than passive reading/study, or who spent a period of time exposed to magical practices/philosophies (perhaps from a relative while you grew up),  AND who have given a fair shot at practice.
  • Advanced: people who have been actively studying and practicing magic for several years with a relatively good success rate.


 Why are Wicca Workshops/Classes Free, and Witchcraft Are Not?

I don’t charge for teaching Wicca; teaching Witchcraft is one thing– it’s a learned skill that requires a great deal of study, mental discipline and practice to become adept. It takes me time to research, plan and present these workshops, and thus I feel it’s fair for anyone offering to teach a skill to be compensated. If I were teaching yoga, portrait painting, carpentry or cooking classes, it would not be unreasonable for me to request payment. Likewise with Witchcraft, a different kind of art, but also an art.

Wicca, on the other hand, is my religion and I share it freely.

I have published hundreds of blog posts and articles about Wicca and I’ve also published a book you can check out (another on the way soon!). I also take on students once per year for The Wiccan Way Grove, plus will offer monthly(ish) Wicca workshops online.

wwgThe Wiccan Way Grove

The Wiccan Way Grove is a year-long online eclectic Wiccan training experience. Applications are posted in the fall, and start TBD (January is likely for 2018).


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