Irma Is Heading This Way! Wish Me Luck

She is heading to Florida, and it could be bad. 

I live on a small peninsula off Florida’s western coast, and am almost entirely surrounded by water. I live about 2 blocks from the beaches in a major flood zone.

So yeah, it’s scary! I still remember how devastating Katrina was to New Orleans; and my head is still spinning over what Harvey did to Houston. I hope this is not going to be our Katrina or Harvey, but it seems the odds are pretty good that at least one city in my state is about to be devastated.

My daughter lives much further inland with her girlfriend in a sturdy cinder block & steel complex. She’s no where near flood zones, so they should be okay.

Me and my boys are battening down the hatches and preparing to evacuate. We are hoping not to go to a shelter– there is only one shelter in the whole county that takes pets, so it fills up pretty fast, and from what I understand it’s very hot, humid, noisy and uncomfortable. We can’t leave my Benny Boy behind, though, so Hecate’s Hound will be coming with us, and hopefully Hecate and Hermes will be watching over us.

I can’t leave my Ben behind! He’s terrified of storms and rain! If I’m not there, whose ass is he going to crawl up?


As soon as we figure out which Irma is headed we’re going to see about making reservations at a hotel inland in FL, or maybe in GA, or hell I’ll drive to Chattanooga on Fri/Sat. Whatever it takes to find a safe, sturdy place to ride out the storm. But if this sucker goes up the west coast of Florida– well, I’m definitely not sticking around to see how high the water levels rise.

And just a little more disturbing is the fact that a whole new storm– Jose– is forming behind Irma (shudder). This could get messy.

There have been storms that have left us without power for a week… so if you don’t hear from me, you’ll know I’m probably powerless. If you check out #Wicclit on Instagram I’ll try and keep you posted!

Until then I have cancelled my workshops for Sunday, because I don’t even know if I’ll be here.

Stay safe everyone!



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