Mac Moving On: Pre-House Hunting & Deadbeat Dad

Peeking at houses right now on the internet is both exciting and inspiring, but also a little saddening and frustrating. Occasionally I spot a little place that’s right up my alley– perfect location, perfect size, cute as a button with lots of potential.

Unfortunately, I have to get that down payment saved before I can even think of going for a mortgage and making an offer! That’s a bit frustrating.

I found this one little house (click to link) and thought, ‘Damn! What are the chances of that being available in January?” It’s right on target for what I hope to get. Cute little house would be perfect for us– perfect size, perfect location, right at my price range, even a fenced-in yard my Benny would love.


I’ve watched at least 3 little houses go by that might have been exactly what I needed but I’m stuck here in limbo saving up my down payment and waiting out my lease in Florida.

Unfortunately, my ex has become a deadbeat. He’s taken off numerous weeks of unpaid vacation to fly to Ireland and Indiana to meet women he ‘fell in love with’ on the Internet. I kept up with our bills, taxes, etc. so my credit wouldn’t be crap and he agreed he’d pay me back but he keeps putting his selfish whims first. With his world traveling and relationship drama he hasn’t been able to look for that second job, he got evicted, and his paycheck has apparently been crap.

I can fight it out in court and will win, I can cast all kinds of spells on him to do the honorable thing and pay his debts (considering it’s his children who are going to suffer if he doesn’t), etc. but I’m not likely to get much out of him before I move because he’s dug himself into such a hole.

I did throw him out when he reneged on his promises that he would get a second job and not take anymore time off or vacations to go seek romance until he paid me back some. I figured if he’s going to stiff me, he’s not going to get to keep taking advantage of my desire to do this amicably for another second. He’s on his own.

Even though it’s not going to help me get any of the money he owes me anytime soon, his being gone is like a weight lifted off my shoulders. It’s spiritually freeing to have him gone, I’ve been feeling so much better and much more at peace in the apartment.

Watching the man I once loved and respected turn into such a self-centered, narcissistic creep who doesn’t care who he hurts or who he uses has been extremely depressing and disappointing… not that I’d ever want him back again, but I did hope he’d at least stand up and be a man about things, not a leech and a rat.

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