Mac, Moving On: The Best Thing About New Beginnings Are The Firsts

“The best part about the first kiss is right before the first kiss.” — Brett Davern

If any of you have been following me on Instagram (#wicclit) you will have noticed my big birthday road trip adventure to Tennessee, my future home state, to see the big solar eclipse.  As I was relaxing after the big trip, I was thinking how cool it was to see a solar eclipse in totality for the first time.

And I got to thinking– firsts. Firsts are so cool, and in this new phase in my life I have so many firsts to look forward to. I’m going to experience some firsts I haven’t experienced in a long time.

First new guy was something that came to mind– first new crush, first new romance, and, best of all, first kiss. The butterflies in the stomach, the goofy grin you can’t wipe off your face… as the thought crossed my mind, I got excited.

I’ll admit, while my ex did try sporadically, in general he wasn’t the most adept at romance. I haven’t kissed anyone but him in over 20 years, and up until not too long ago I never thought I’d kiss anyone else. But being a free single woman again, I’m looking forward to experiencing those titillating firsts again.

I’m ready to experience my first real seasons in about 18 years. That’s how long it’s been since I’ve seen snow. I know Tennessee isn’t exactly the arctic, but it actually gets cold there! I’ll be celebrating the Winter Solstice, and winter will actually be coming! I don’t have to crank up the AC and use spray snow on the windows to pretend anymore.

And it’s not just winter! It’s all the seasons! Around where I live now, in the dead of winter, it’s a miracle if temperatures stay below 70 degrees for a whole day. That is what we consider a real ‘cold front’ in these parts. Celebrating the coming of spring and summer have lost their meaning for me. Now I get to reacquaint myself with my old friends. I can actually look forward to their return with excitement and anticipation, because they’ll be gone for a while.

And I don’t know if I can wait for my first autumn. OMG, I loved the autumn/winter season when I was growing up in the north. I lived for blustery golden days, and overcast chills and cuddling up.

For the first time in over 15 years, I will be able to bundle up– oh, how I loved throwing on the layers: sweaters, hats, scarves, gloves. That’s been just impossible here in the subtropics. I’m lucky if I can put a light sweater on over my t-shirt. Mostly, the only layering I do is in the summer time: floppy sun hats, and oversized rain ponchos.

I always loved the cold weather just because it’s so cozy and pleasant to bundle up. And I am so excited about this that I’m thinking of taking up knitting again.

Another big potential first that I’m hoping to enjoy in my life soon is my own home. I’ve never been the owner of a house. I’ve always been an apartment dweller… it just seemed natural in NYC. Even my parents and grandparents who did own houses in New York (which was actually possible back in the 60’s when my parents were married) owned small houses with 2-4 apartments.

I am hoping, praying, working, casting and completely fixated on the dream of being able to buy a house when I get to Tennessee… not that it’s been easy with all that’s been going on this year. But I’m determined to make it happen somehow… and the idea of my first home; of being able to paint the walls, and plant the garden in any way I like, of knowing it’s not an issue if I want to get another dog, or want to change out the carpeting– sigh. Dreamy. 

That’ll be me in a year from now… sitting in my house, knitting a sweater by a roaring fire, cuddling up with my future boyfriend, eating some freshly baked herbal bread with herbs harvested from the garden. So many firsts– or at least, firsts in a long time; firsts in this new phase of life — are to come.

And another great thing about firsts is that once you’ve had them, you get to cherish the memories over and over again.

I wish you many firsts in your future.

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