Magical Forecast: Oct. 2016

4th Wednesday of the Month: Your Magical Forecast for October of 2016

Hello to my Witchy friends! After last month was a bid of a dud (magically speaking, of course) with Mercury doing his retrograding thing, you’ll be happy to know that the magical forecast for this month is very, very promising! Lots of great energies abound here for spell casting, so get your wands ready!

Just remember that every couple of days the moon goes void-of-course for a few hours, so check your local moon calendars and avoid casting during those hours!

As we head into October, we’re coming right off the heels of a dark moon and into the lady-moonwaxing half of the cycle. This means for the next couple of weeks, timing will be most favorable towards spells that involve growth, increase, beginnings and other constructive goals.

Right from the get-go we’ve got Sunday October 2 and Monday October 3 with the new moon in Scorpio. If you’ve been trying to unravel a mystery or discover a secret, if you’re worried someone has been lying or deceitful, this timing couldn’t be more perfect for you. It’s ideal for casting spells to shed light on a problem or to bring the truth to the surface.

If you’ve got any travel plans coming up and you want to do spells for it— Wednesday, October 5, the moon is in Sagittarius. It’s a good day to cast spells to make a long-desired trip a reality. If you’ve got travel plans (for the holidays, perhaps, over the next couple of months), make a mojo bag to help your journey go smoothly with minimal fuss and muss, and no unforeseen expenses.

That Monday, the 10th, the moon moves into the sign of Aquarius. This day will be great to hj_edited-1set aside to do some relationship magic. This is not for dating or romance, this timing is best for family, friends, neighbors, people you work with—anyone with whom you hope to get along with a wee bit better.

Consider making a honey jar to ‘sweeten’ yourself to that person who has been on your case or making things difficult. If there’s been strife in the home or office, perform some cleansing and cast a spell for peace and harmony: candle magic, herbal petition, witch’s ladder—whatever you prefer.

Have you lost something? If you’ve been trying to find a lost object, then Wednesday, October 12 will lend the best energy to any spell you might cast.

For those singles looking for a fling or to meet a possible hook-up, Friday the 14th is a good time for lust spells. Avoid love spells— the energy this day lends will make things heat up quickly and powerfully, but they’ll fizzle out just as swiftly. It’s best for people not looking for strings attached.

The Full Moon is Sunday, October 16, and this particular Full Moon is in Taurus, making it most ideal for starting new projects that are going to take a long time to finish. If you want cmto start a business, a new health regime, a creative project, a home-improvement project, this day can aid magic towards those aims.

This full moon is also going to be great for money spells that involve growing a business, investment or increasing savings. If you have material needs—especially for things for your home—now is the time to cast for it.

Calling all writers! Be ready for Wednesday, October 19th! The waning moon is in Gemini and it’s a great time to help you cast spells that give you the oomph for finishing old projects. If you’ve been stalled on something or procrastinating, spells can help push you over the finish line.

It is not a good time for starting new writing projects, however, so put that off till next month!

Dealing with minor relationship problems? Perhaps you’ve been hot-headed, stubborn, in a rut, having trouble communicating or expressing your feelings?  Banish those things that are creating disharmony in a relationship—just make sure you get to the root of the problem! The moon is in Cancer and Friday is the Goddess Venus’s day, making it a good time for dealing with matters of love.

Sunday, October 23 is a great moment if you are trying to intimidate leosomeone. This is certainly magic I wouldn’t take lightly, but the Sun’s day in Leo while the moon is waning is a good time to borrow some of the strength and ferociousness of a lion. This isn’t meant to hurt anyone; it’s only meant to frighten them with your roar— to make bullies and troublemakers think twice about messing you. Use this energy responsibly.

If you’ve been dealing with a moderate to serious health problem, Tuesday, October 25 when the moon is in Virgo will help you with magic meant to fight it off. It’s a good time for banishing, diminishing, decreasing and reversing health problems. Not the sniffles; big issues.

In fact, the whole week is good for seriously powerful banishing—not light-handed stuff, but for serious challenges. If you need to dissolve a partnership or sever a bad relationship, October 27 when the moon is in Libra can help you do it swiftly and smoothly.

If you have any massive, major destructive magic to do, there couldn’t be a better time this year for it than October 29th. That Saturday (remember, Saturday is Saturn’s day, and he is one scary God who rules over endings), the moon is in Scorpio. Combined with the Samhain season, this is some serious, explosive energy to work with… it is ideal for any big problems in your life to be brought to a screeching halt, for obstacles to be obliterated. It’s good timing if you’re trying to Break addictions. It’s perfect for breaking curses, or, if the situation calls for it, casting curses. It’s also great for bindings if circumstances are extreme and you feel it is warranted.

Again, I don’t mean minor stuff, like getting rid of the sniffles or getting an annoying old neighbor to stop playing her TV too loud at night. This is time for the BIG problems, to bring out the BIG guns, to bring the matter to an ABRUPT full stop. I wouldn’t use it for a nagging ex or annoying boss. I’m talking about serious problems, like ‘my rapist got off on a technicality and I’m afraid he’s coming after me’ kind of thing— or ‘my girlfriend is extremely suicidal and I need to bind her to keep her safe until medical treatment gets underway‘ sort of issues. This timing is for serious business for problems (or people) who need to be stopped as a matter of life and death.

Be super cautious with these energies, and if you’re a novice you might want to sit this weekend out! Blasting through brick-wall type obstacles with dynamite is sometimes necessary, but that kind of powerful explosive action can also result in people getting hurtsm (including yourself, if you aren’t careful). So if you’re planning any kinds of spells for this day, you have been warned.

Happy Samhain! From Sunset Oct. 30 through the 31st, it’s a prime time for magic involving divination & spirit communication. This would be the case anytime the new moon was in Scorpio on a Monday, but it’s doubly so because it is Samhain. This time of year the veil is thin, so take advantage of this powerful energy to increase your psychic and intuitive abilities, and to commune with ancestor spirits and guides.

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