Mail Bag: Ask Sage (7)

Hi Everyone! Hope you all had a Blessed Beltane.

Since my mail bag is so backed up, I’m going to keep powering through!

But before that, my second video is up on Youtube!!

It’s a demonstration on how to DRESS CANDLES so be sure to check it out and let me know how I’m doing! 

I feel a bit out of my element with the videos, but I feel like it can only go up from here. It;s a learning process.

In the meantime, let’s dig in for some questions…

Oh, sorry to hear. That’s a problem. It’s really impossible to comment on the substance without seeing it. If remains wet, could there be some kind of oil mixed in? Does it smell like anything?

Salt alone would normally not be a bad thing– it’s used for protection and purification. If your neighbor were just putting salt around the door, it wouldn’t necessarily cause a problem.

If they’re adding things like pepper or saltpeter, they could be trying to get you to move or cause you problems.

To be safe I’d get or make an uncrossing oil or powder (recipes can be found online, or you can find stores that sell it ready-made)  and put it into some very warm wash water, and I’d wash away the substance, and give the floor a good washing. Go pour the rest of the water off your property (back on your neighbor’s property if you can without stirring up more trouble). Then bless some salt and sprinkle it over the area.

If anyone in the house is not feeling well or if things seem out of sort, it wouldn’t hurt to do a cleansing/purification bath (also look up recipes online, there are many) and maybe smudge the house. Without knowing more about the substance or about what’s actually happening to those in the household it would be hard to offer advice beyond that right now, but feel free to follow up!

Hi there; if you’re experienced enough to practice magic for others, I assume you’re pretty adept at cleansing, purification, protection and shielding. If not, I’d say it’s time to brush up on those practices.

One of the downsides of becoming a ‘Working Witch’ and putting yourself in the public eye is that there are always jealous people, vindictive people who will be mad that you’re getting attention or being successful, or they might be angry because they feel you didn’t help them get what they want. These people could aim a lot of negativity toward you so keeping up with cleansing, purification, protection and shielding are the basic self defense tactics you need to keep up, the same way someone might start a business and get an alarm, a gate to lock up at night, a security camera or guard, etc. Be pro-active.

I’m so sorry about your family’s problems. I see that you came through my article Real Magic Spells for the Dark Moon: Breaking an Addiction Spellwhich is a pretty powerful spell despite its simplicity.

The problem is, your husband and son would have to be willing to perform it. It’d be extremely difficult to try and force your husband or son to give up an addiction. Magic directs energy toward a goal; but thoughts and emotions are also energy; that addiction is directing energy toward a different goal. Unless your husband or son wanted to go along with you, wills would crash and conflicting energies would negate each other.

You could try a binding spell on them if you think they’re at a point at which they’re not thinking clearly and are a danger to themselves. That might curb some of the damage but it probably won’t solve the problem. You might also want to cast spells on yourself to cleanse the negativity, reduce the stress and strengthen yourself to face the challenges you’re dealing with. Cleanse the home well too, get rid of lingering negativity, make it a more peaceful place for all of you.

Ultimately, though, people have to come around and decide for themselves that they want to work towards shaking an addiction. Until then, we just have to hang in there and make the best choices we can.


Ah, yes, my Benny Boy.

Da Ben-Ben. Benjamin ‘Ben’ Franklin Wright. Lazy Bones… Peanut Butter Nutter… Buh-buh-buh-Benny and the Pets.

We got Ben about 9 years ago… he was almost a year old at the time and at the local pound. I went into the room full of barking dogs in cages going nuts. Benny just came up to his cage door, sat down and looked up at me. We now know this is his ‘good boy routine’, and he pulls it out whenever he wants something.

At about the same time I had been called to Hecate. Ben, being a black dog, got the moniker ‘Hecate’s Hound’. Also because he loves to sit in for rituals with me. I get the altar ready, and he takes his place at it right with me. He follows me around when call the quarters, he lays next to me for the meditation, and he follows through till the end.

I do have a problem with the word ‘familiar’. It originally came from Christian folklore; familiars were not just Witchy companions, but ‘evil spirits’, or sometimes the Witch in animal form.

Do I believe I have a connection to Ben? Yes. Does he have a connection to Hecate? Most definitely– he’s a black dog, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence he came into my life when She did. He can definitely sense her, among other things. Mostly, though,he’s just here, and he’s part of the family. I don’t feel like he was dropped on me for a mystical reason… I just believe we happened to find each other, we bonded, and he fits right in.


Well, that’s all for this week. Don’t forget to check out that YouTube Channel, and hey– if you’re not already, follow me on social media!

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