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Wicca for Beginners by Thea Sabin

To date, this is the best introduction on Wicca I’ve read. Yes, even better than Cunningham’s quintessential guide. Sabin is simply more accurate, with updated information about Wicca’s history, and more relevant to the 21st century Wiccan. If you know nothing about Wicca and want to learn, or are even wondering if it might be for you, this is the best book to start reading. 

The Way of Four by Deborah Lipp

Excellent book about how the Elements affect you and how to use them in your life. No, this is not about learning to make flames bob or water splash with your mind. Lipp explains the Elements in a way that is refreshing, totally helping readers understand the relevance of Earth, Air, Fire and Water on a more realistic spiritual level. For those who really like it, Lipp also puts out a Way of Four Spellbook. 
Witch Crafting by Phyllis Curott

Great guide for beginning in magic. Wicca-oriented, but one need not be Wiccan to get something out of it. Curott’s love for her faith and respect for the Craft does indeed shine through her writings. If you wanted to start practicing magic, but didn’t know where to begin, or were worried about it for some reason, this is it. A very beginner-friendly guide.

The Circle Within by Diane Sylvan

Sylvan writes here one of the first Wicca 201 books for solitaries; at least one of the first one’s I’ve really found useful. Focused on creating a spiritual life as a solitary Wicca, this is not a book that gives a bunch of spells and how-tos. Instead, Sylvan touches on how the spiritual affects the mundane, and how the mundane affects the spiritual.

Triumph of the Moon by Ronald Hutton

At last, an accurate, scholarly work on the real history of Wicca, Witchcraft and the NeoPagan movement. Hutton was raised Pagan himself, and became a respected author, historian and professor. He set out to sort through the claims and find the facts, even if the fact is ‘we just don’t know about the origins of this.’ With full respect for modern Paganism and magic, Hutton attempts to lay it out as it is and was, without embellishing and romanticizing the path.

Fifty Years of Wicca by Frederic Lamond

Lamond offers a unique perspective– he was a member of Gerald Gardner’s original coven, and watched Wicca grow and flourish into a world-wide religion and cultural phenomenon over its first five decades. It is a must-read for any Wiccan and highly recommended.



This is one of the most useful sites any Wiccan, Pagan or Witch can sign up for– and it’s free. You can find news feeds, articles, essays, poems, personals, events, groups, listings, etc. I’m a proud Witchvox sponsor!

Real Wiccan Info

Great info and advice from a licensed clergy High Priestess of the Blue Star trad. If you want to join a coven, this is a good resource. 

Pooka Pages

Do you have children you’re raising in a Pagan tradition? If so, you’ll want to raid this website with them– get some coloring pages, stories, and fun stuff.

An excellent resource written by a historian that clears up a lot of misconceptions about Wicca.


Uncle Birch of the Sacred Grove

Great resources for aspiring Witches, whether focused on the Wiccan religion or not. Explore Uncle Birch’s store through his videos, and take his Witchcraft classes online. 

Witchcraft: A beginners Guide

A good guide for beginning Wicca or Pagan Witchcraft with Wiccan leanings. 

Wicca Documentary

Very British Witchcraft (Full): Documentary on Gerald Gardner & Wicca (BBC) featuring Prof. Ronald Hutton (respected historian, raised Pagan)


Admittedly, I don’t spend tons of money on supplies. For the most part when I need supplies, I raid thrift shops, local stores, Ebay and Amazon. I’ll even pick up stuff at the dollar store if I see something I like. But I do think it’s great, if you want and if you can afford it, to support our small business people in the Pagan community. I’m not affiliated with any of these businesses– I’m just a satisfied customer and want to pass the links along.

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