Sage’s Mailbag

When I put out a call for questions, it seems I was naive and had NO idea what I was getting myself into!

But that’s okay! It’s all good! I’m going to answer as many as I can, but unfortunately I get a lot of repeat questions. Please browse the mailbag entries below I’ve gotten to make sure yours hasn’t already been asked and answered before. And if you haven’t seen your question answered here, it’s a good chance it’s because I’ve answered a similar one and have nothing more to say about that topic.

If you think your question warrants a new answer, or follow up on an old answer, then feel free to submit them here! And please have patience!


Thank you!


Mailbag: Ask Sage (1) 
Can U Cast a Spell? Teach Me About Wicca? Am I a Witch?

Mailbag: Ask Sage (2)
What goes on an altar? Do repeat numbers mean anything? Is it wrong to 
put old, sick dog down?

Mailbag: Ask Sage (3)
Parental objections? Christian Witchcraft? Can you tell me about Pagans?

Mailbag: Ask Sage (4)
Addiction spell? Found spell object? Adultery in Wicca? Where do I 
begin Wicca/Witchcraft?

Mailbag: Ask Sage (5)
Banishing negative thoughts? Paying back Gods? Who are my Wiccan Gods?

Mailbag: Ask Sage (6)
Spell to prove Witchcraft is real? What are your experiences? Why 
don't my spells work? Could you be my mentor? How do I lead a coven?

Mailbag: Ask Sage (7)
Someone to curse my family? How to overcome my adversaries? Is there a 
spell to stop someone from drinking? Is Ben your familiar?

Mailbag: Ask Sage (8)
Help me get past my concerns about Witchcraft? Was I under a love spell?
What does this dream mean? Where do I start?
Mailbag: Ask Sage (9)
Do I have to be a theist to be Pagan? How do you know you're a Witch? 
Christian but drawn to Witchcraft? Spell to break from addiction? How 
to break a curse?

Mailbag: Ask Sage (10)
Most Common Questions I get. Would Wiccans disapprove of me just 
practicing Witchcraft? Can I be a wizard?

Mailbag: Ask Sage (11)
Can a Wiccan worship only one God? Are there any risks to Witchcraft? 
Is this guy really a chameleon vampire commissioned to protect the 
Christ blood line in Texas? Do love spells really work? Explain the 
magical scenes in the film 'The Last Keepers'?

Mailbag: Ask Sage (12)
How can I introduce an 8-year-old to magic? Good books for spells & 
crystals? How much oils/powders for candle dressing? Advice for jar 
spell? Combining Wicca and Christianity?

Mailbag: Ask Sage (13)
Why become a witch if magic can't make you do fantasy stuff? Dream 
interpretation? Using plants & herbs in magic? How do I practice Vodou? 
Is magic real and how to use the Witch's pyramid? Is yoga good for 

Mailbag: Ask Sage (14)
How to break a hate spell? Is lavender good for meditation? what's the 
spell for lighting a candle without a match? Is it okay to study magic 
at a young age? I want to explore emotions, but suffer with depression 
and anxiety? Demon inside me? 

Mailbag: Ask Sage (15)
Does Witchcraft involve the devil? Generational curse? Why am I a 
beacon to the spirit world? Can I worship Wonder Woman? Sharing blood 
with an ex? Should I use blood magic?

Mailbag: Ask Sage (16)
How do I hone my spiritual gifts? Dressing candle? I'm suicidal because 
of my mother? Finding witchcraft items in my yard?

Mailbag: Ask Sage (17)
why would a lid on a jar spell pop off? Am I too old to start on this 
path? Need to find my way again? Feel like I want to kill someone? Is 
addiction spells for myself, or anyone? 

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