Mailbag: Ask Sage (16)

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In the meantime, let’s see what the mailbag has brought today.

It sounds like you’ve been doing some working on yourself and growing; that’s a great thing. The description of what’s going on here is very vague, so all I can really say is that you’re trying to control some ability that is psychic or magical in nature, you can’t go wrong with slowing down and working on your mental discipline. Start a good meditation regime if you don’t have one. The better you train your mind, the better you’ll get at training any ability. Best of luck!

Good question– and it really depends on what you’re focusing on in the spell. If you’re focused on the intent of  ‘drawing good health’, encouraging the body to begin to heal, for treatments to take effect, for strength and vitality to return or something to that effect, then I personally would dress it in the direction to attract.

If you’re trying to get rid of a disease or something, trying to remove an illness, kill unhealthy cells, etc., then I would do it in the direction to repel.

If I were binding someone, I’d draw it in, because I am trying to draw restraint to my spell target. But these are one of the things you have to go with your own vibe on the energy, too, so take it as merely my opinion and ultimately do what you feel works with your intent.

Oh hon, I am so sorry… it sounds like you’ve been through the ringer. If you feel on the breaking point literally like you want to hurt her and yourself, I urge you not to start trying to figure out spells at this point– that takes time and mental discipline. I urge you to call a mental health clinic and seek help. They may be able to turn you on to agencies that help you get employment. I’m sure someone out there will hire you, and help you get away from your mother so you can find some peace and work on healing yourself.

You’re looking for a hex or spell… nothing is going to poof away the pain. Spells can be a great asset but they don’t clear the slate. I understand being in a really bad place (been there, I was impoverished, I was abused, I dropped out of high school at 15, etc.) but there’s ways to begin reversing that and turn your life around. I’m not going to lie and say there is an easy way out, there is not.

But you don’t need a Witch right now if you’re this deep in; you need a better lifeline than that– please seek a counselor, call one of these numbers:

Helps to find emergency resources you need (including jobs, mental health counseling, place to live, etc): dial 2-1-1 OR go to

suicide hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Crisis Hotline: 1-800-hit-home

National Youth Crisis Hotline: 1-800-448-4663

I wish I could say a wave of a wand can fix everything; things can be fixed but even with magic (real magic, not the fantasy stuff), it’s going to be a complex thing piecing a life and a heart back together. Please get help, you can get through this and move on. When you’re ready to work on rebuilding please let me know if you need help with anything else.

Yeah, definitely sounds like your neighbor is trying to curse you. I can’t imagine living with that kind of misery for 15 years; that’s rough. Honesty it sounds like she might even think you’re doing something to her and she’s acting in self-defense.

There are ways you can protect yourself. I would recommend trying some of the following:

  • sprinkle black salt around the perimeter of your property for protection. I’d replenish this every 3 months or so.
  • people you think she’s cursed should do a 7 day uncrossing ritual (at least), which is essentially a cleansing bath/candle magic to break any curses/hexes/negativity (you can find MANY versions online); if you don’t want to do the candle part, at least do the bath part for 7 days in a row (each person, separately)
  • use part of the bath water from the uncrossing bath to wash the floors. Wash walls as well if you like, or put some in a spray bottle and spray it around on furniture, rugs, etc.
  • anoint the people infected with an uncrossing oil (Lucky Mojo makes a good one at or you can find recipes online)
  • Get a sage stick and cleanse the house as well to clear out negativity. This will also help for anyone unwilling to do the bath. Fume it good.
  • Get a mirror and imbue it via visualization with your intent for it to send back any curses, hexes or negativity sent your way. Burn a black candle in front of the mirror so the mirror reflects it. Then set the mirror in a window facing your neighbor’s home.
  • Sprinkle white salt around your home to keep it purified and protected (I generally sprinkle it around the baseboards so the salt gets brushed under them, trapped between the floor & baseboard).
  • To reverse some things she’s done, write the problem down on paper, put it in a jar, fill the jar halfway with ammonia, close it tightly and bury it upside-down on your property

Other things you can do is cast spells for her to move (doesn’t even have to be malicious; cast a spell for her to get a better home or something), or if you wanted you could counter-curse her but honestly I’d save that as a last resort.

Best of luck to you with this.

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