Magical Forecast: November 2016

4th Wednesday of the Month: spell planning guide for next month

So here we are, and it is the splendid month of November, and it actually looks very good in terms of spell planning. In fact, it looks MUCH better than December will be, due to that pesky Mercury going retrograde again, so if you really need to get something done, you should not wait— jump on it in November.

Reminder: always check with your local moon calendar guides for exact timing and avoid planning your magic while the moon is void of course!

nmf1As the month opens we’ll be seeing the glorious waxing crescent in the sky. On Tuesday the 1st of November, draw from the strength of Mars and Jupiter; it is a good time to cast a spell for success in competitions or physical challenges. Spells at this time will give you a boost to help you get out of the gate running, so to speak. Alternatively, if you’re starting any new magical or metaphysical pursuits, you can give yourself a powerful boost here too with a spell for success.

If you need any career spells– new business ventures, new business openings, getting a job, getting a promotion, etc. — then Thursday, November 3 is the best possible day for it.  It’s a waxing moon on a Thursday in Capricorn, so you have the energy of Jupiter and Saturn behind the growing moon. This is good stuff for any ambitious career goals!

That Capricorn energy is carrying over all the way through Saturday, November 5th., a good day for casting spells if you need to exert controlling energies over someone. This is not a day for gentle manipulations or urgings; this is not a honey I need you to finish your chores kind of manipulation. This is more of a boss, I need you to stop sexually harassing me or bully, I need you to back off kind of manipulation. Whenever you’re attempting to exert influence over someone, you have to consider ethics; however, there are times when you have a right to  protect yourself or stand your ground. Use this magical timing wisely.

By the morning of Sunday, November 6th through Monday the 7th, all that harsh, aggressive energy of Saturn will be washed away by the Sun and Moon. The moon enters the sign of Aquarius, so these are good days for humanitarian causes. If there are problems in the world or in your community that sadden you, this is a great time to lend your positive energy towards a solution. On another note, it’s also a good time to solve any technology problems you might be having. Cast spells on glitchy computers or poor nmf2internet connection to try and give it a little boost.

Need to do some POTION BREWING? Plan a potion brewing night for Tuesday the 8th or Wednesday the 9th.

The FULL MOON falls on November 14, a Monday. The moon will be in Gemini. This is a perfect full moon for giving a boost to old magic. It’s not so good for starting new things– Gemini’s fickle energy will not provide for long-term success when it comes to new things. But it’s just perfect for re-charging magic that’s been fizzling: give a boost to a honey jar, your charm bag or Witch’s ladders.

Planning a wedding soon? Wednesday the 16th, when the moon enters Cancer and you’re still riding the tail of the Full Moon energy, this is a good day for spells to help it make things go smoothly. Note, this is not for magic to help the bride and groom’s relationship; I’m talking wedding planning spells– getting the venue you want, making a good deal with a baker, and other such wedding details.

However, if you do need to bust through some relationship obstacles, Friday the 18th of November is your best bet. Spells to break out of a rut, rekindle the flame, put problems to rest, etc. will be ideal for this waning moon in Leo. Channel your passion for your partner into resolving that which  might break you apart.

Struggling with fertility issues? Try to banish them on Friday, November 18th, when the moon is in Virgo and we enter the Sun sign of Sagittarius.

Wednesday, November 23rd is a very useful day, magically speaking, if you’re stuck in a bind– literally. Is there a contract you’re trying to break, a deal you’re trying to wiggle out of, some agreement from which you need release? The moon is in Libra and it’s a Wednesday during a waning moon– perfect to break the ties that bind. 


nmf3Here in America it is, anyway. Are you cooking, or bringing a dish? Then you need to consider doing some Thanksgiving magic for your holiday! All you  Kitchen Witches, check out my Hubs here:

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Powerful banishings for just about any serious problem are best performed on November 26. This is not for minor problems, but to blast through some major obstacles: addiction, disease, curse breaking, etc.

Finally, if you have some heavy-duty pathworking or divination work to do, November 28-30th, right over the new moon, is just what you are looking for.

That’s it for November 2016’s magical potential! So get out your spellbooks and do some planning– because, remember! By mid-December we’re going to be heading into that Mercury retrograde pre-shadow. While that doesn’t mean you can’t do magic at all, your options are going to be more limited.

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