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Hello all! A few things have been going on here with me:

  • I attended the Pagan Unity Festival in Tennessee– quite a drive from southern Florida, but worth it! Read my review here!
  • I’m working on finishing up my next book, 8 Suns to Becoming Wiccan
  • I’m STILL sifting through my huge, stuffed inbox
  • I’m working on those YouTube videos — See the Latest: What Your Mind Should Be Doing During a Spell

With that, I’m going to get to a few new questions. If you’re thinking of writing in, I welcome you to do so! Just give me time to get through– I never expected so many people needed help!  I can’t tell you how truly honored I am, I am humbled by the fact that you’re interested in my input.

Also, please check for previous Mailbags to make sure a question similar to yours wasn’t already answered.

Here are the latest crop of questions I’ve gotten through! Thanks for the thoughtful and insightful questions!

Your English is, I’m sure, waaaaay better than my ability to speak your native tongue, lol. So no sweat– actually, your English is very good for a non-native speaker.

Wow, that’s a lot of questions! Good ones, though, so I would like to tackle them one-by-one for you:

Whenever you do something new with your life, you risk change: getting an education, starting a new career, new hobby, moving to a new land, getting married, having kids, etc. It’s all going to change you. Witchcraft is no different in this respect. It’ll change you; I know it’s changed me– I learned a lot from the Craft, and it’s helped me become the person I am today. I’m very happy with that.

It’s also possible to ‘lose yourself’ in any new endeavor if you let yourself get sucked into bad choices and negativity. I can’t promise you it won’t ever happen– I don’t know you, or what you intend to do. But I can say that if you’re aware of the fact that you don’t want it to happen, that’s half the battle.

I’m getting the sense that the bigger issue here is that you’ve been taught the idea that Witchcraft = bad, and you are worried that even if you approach it with innocent intentions, some evil force behind it is going to sort of suck you in and make things go wrong. In my experience, that kind of worry comes from fiction and rumor. I would say that in my religion, Witchcraft is simply a self-help measure and magic is a tool of nature. If you approach it with good, healthy intentions, you have no need to worry.

Some people approach it with darkness– they want power over others, they are petty and want revenge, they are selfish and want to take from others more easily, they don’t care who they hurt. They wallow in negativity… so that’s what they get out of it. If you’re not a dark, negative person, then you don’t have to worry about it.

2. But it will be really you. Just like if you get a new dress or lose weight or fix your hair. Magic simply aids you in achieving your goals.

3. I can’t help you with that; there are a lot of people (particularly in your neck of the woods) who have real fears and prejudices against the Craft. Some people prefer to guard their privacy. Some people stand up to others and don’t care what others think. If you really fear that you’ll be shunned or attacked or your safety will be in danger for your beliefs, you need to consider whether you really want to open that particular can of worms.

4. Then learn how to do spells right, lol.

Seriously, everything in life has consequences. You are at risk when walking across a street, when cutting up veggies with sharp knife, when standing in a slippery, wet tub… life’s a gamble. Magic is like fire; it’s energy, to be used, but with respect. It can heat your home or burn it down. That doesn’t mean it’s bad or good. It’s just a matter of respecting it for what it is and exercising caution.

Witchcraft is no different… if you aren’t careful, there can be consequences. But probably not the kind you are worried about. I’ve cast spells that had unintended results… when my husband once needed a confidence boost for a job interview, I cast a spell on him upon request to motivate him to go after what he wanted. And he got the job… but he was also an argumentative, selfish, annoying bitch for the next couple of months until that boost wore off. I wanted to smack him sometimes, lol.

There are always natural consequences for everything we do, Witchcraft included. But I think your fears are born more out of misconceptions of Witchcraft than of what it actually is.

5. Again, I think you have some misconceptions of what Witchcraft is. Witchcraft is utilizing magic, a natural resource. A neutral resource. It doesn’t just automatically attract ‘evil’ or bad things to you, unless that is what you’re looking to attract, anymore than lighting a fire in your fireplace would automatically attract the devil.

It definitely sounds like she’s been working magic,most likely with the aid or guidance of a spellcaster (a costly one, probably) that convinced her that what she was doing was somehow a good thing. I’ve heard that spiel before about a ‘bonding cord’. Personally, I don’t believe those kinds of love spells are good; being restrained against your will, with real cords or with magical ones, is still bondage and imprisonment no matter how you slice it.

Some things you might have felt if this was a spell:

  • obsessive/compulsive about her
  • overly idealized her, ignored red flags, denied warnings, looked the other way when problems arose
  • resentful of her sometimes, almost as if you were angry that you couldn’t get away even if you wanted to, like a part of you was annoyed that she had this effect on you
  • she would become very frustrated that you weren’t turning out to be what she’d hoped for, that things weren’t going her way
  • very difficult to break up, thoughts of breaking up dragged out, actual attemps were very messy, lots of baggage

If you think you were under a spell, then it is good that she’s unbinding you (something she never had a right to do without your permission). But you should take extra precaution for yourself. I’d do an uncrossing ritual if you know how or are so inclined to such a big ritual if you want to be sure to break any last remnants of magical workings she may have done on you.

If you feel that would be too much for you for now, or if you don’t feel it’s that urgent, I recommend just getting an uncrossing oil from a good, reputable source like Lucky Mojo or The Sacred Grove. An uncrossing bath wouldn’t hurt either.

At the very least, get some salt and do some purifying/cleansing baths and/or showers and do some cleansing meditations. Best of luck!

Wow, see… that’s the tough thing about dreams. It’s so hard to know if it’s a psychic attack, a message/warning from the subconscious, a scary nightmare, etc. This is something you might need to explore– meditate, pray, and visualize white light around you to protect yourself before going to sleep.

Not knowing your sister in law, or what the deal is with her, it would be impossible for me to judge. But you might want to look into sleep paralysis, because it sounds like that was involved.

Let me know if things progress.

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That’s good for now! Bright blessings to all, and to all a good night!

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