Magical Forecast: December 2016

4th Wednesday of the Month: spell planning guide for next month

Greetings and Salutations! The year is coming to a close, and Mercury has decided to ride it out backwards. As I warned you last month, there isn’t as much of an abundance of magical working opportunities like we had in October and November; however, the month is not without promise!mfd1

As usual, check a local moon calendar for the actual time things are happening in your time zone! Particularly be aware of moon Void of Course this month, because we have a couple of long VOC periods.

December opens with a Waxing moon on a Thursday, and the moon sign is Capricorn. Great time for spells in which you’re seeing long-term success. Career spells are well suited for this time. If you’re looking for a job or promotion, or to expand your business or client base, take advantage now!

If you happen to need to cast a spell on any of your technology, Saturday the 3rd would be a good time. Use the power of Saturn to push it through successfully. Perhaps take a moment to cast a spell on all your electronics and devices to protect them from the upcoming Mercury retrograde, when electronics tend to have break-downs.

Monday the 5th will be great for dream work and divination this month. If you need answers, now is the time to seek them.

The 7th-8th there’s a long Void of course moon period to watch out for. At this point, we’re getting ready for Mercury to start his ol’ backpedaling. The shadow of MRx is already coming upon us.

mfd2However, if you do have any long-term projects that are going to require stamina and you want to shoot a magical push that way, you’ll want to do it in Sunday the 11th. The moon is in Taurus, great for the long haul, and the Sun’s day gives a nice burst of power. This timing is especially suited for practical matters: the home, career, material possessions, financial issues and health.

The 15th-16th brings another long VOC to avoid.

The Full Moon is in Gemini this month, which is not good energy for long-lasting things. Gemini is fickle. But, if you do need a burst of luck, like for a one-shot deal (gamble, exams, etc.), go for it.

By the 19th, we are in full-out Mercury retrograde, which means spells can be extremely tricky. Not that MRx is the end of the world or anything; no zaps of lightening are going to come from the sky. But that retrograde energy of Mercury can be tricky to work with, even for the most experienced spellcasters.mfd3

There are times when you can take advantage of MRx.  One good example is Tuesday the 20th. The moon is waning and in Libra. If you have a life situation that has just not been going in a good direction, you might borrow some of that ‘reversal’ energy from MRx and try to tip those Libra scales in the other direction. With a bit of Mars energy afforded (being a Tuesday), it could work.

Happy Winter Solstice! Sit back and enjoy this solstice with peaceful meditations. Don’t try to go deep or accomplish anything; just allow yourself to soak in the peace, good will and joyful energies that practically the whole world is humming with this week.


Come and spend the Solstice with me!

Suffering from a bad break-up or loss? Then Friday the 23rd, with a little help from Scorpio and a little help from Mercury Rx, you might be able to turn things around for yourself. I’d work on something simple to just cut the ties that bind so you can get over the past and prepare to move on.

The final week of December, from the 25th on, is not a good time to trust messages or signs that come to you. There is a high chance of miscommunications, of being misled, of misreading the situation. Just take note for now; re-evaluate the information at a later date, when Mercury turns around and heads direct again. For now, just try to have a peaceful and quiet rest of the year.

With the winter holiday season coming to a close, as well as the year, let yourself relax, rest and recharge as a new cycle begins.


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